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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Awhile ago, NPI was given permission to investigate this wonderful historic building and the claims of activity there.
The night started out with dinner in the back area of the restaurant, an area that several psychics/sensitive's claim is home to a spiritual vortex. As you might have read around the internet, some of the experiences people claim to have had are that of a man dressed as a conductor who frequents the trolley car located in the restaurant (Info on trolley car here).  Another character to hangs about the restaurant, is a man small in stature with bright red hair who seems to be very mischievous.  This man likes to hang out in the woman's restroom and the kitchen. He will also call out staff members names while strolling about the restaurant.  There are some people who claim to have seen a young boy in the restaurant, including a staff member who encountered him in the back area of the restaurant, startling her so much, she had to leave.  Staff also report finding cutlery twisted and moved and chairs put on top of the tables in the same back area, and believe this is being done by the little boy.  At night, staff members often feel like they are being watched, by whom...we do not know.
NPI was only at this location for a short time, but in that time some members of our team experienced various odd unexplained feelings and occurrences. We'd like to share with you a couple EVP we did catch.  Grab your headphones (non noise-canceling), turn up the volume and enjoy (they are quite quiet.)
If you decide to visit the restaurant for dinner sometime, maybe you will get to have your own personal experience! 
 Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Included in our October adventures was Darryl and Connie's trip to the Bernie Legge Theatre in New Westminster with Jay Durant from Global BC.  We have been there before on investigations and have had numerous personal experiences there.  Many people who have worked or performed in the theatre have also had personal experiences.  This is one place I personally love due to the happy loving energy in the building.
For those that missed the broadcasts or want to see it again, here it is! 
Thanks again to Jay Durant and Global BC for another wonderful, fun day.



Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kiah & Tara Jean's Haunted House - EVP Session

Kiah, Tara Jean & Kieran teamed up with Northern Paranormal Investigations to visit and investigate a reportedly haunted house in East Vancouver. 

Well now we can let you listen in on the first EVP session we conducted in the basement of the house.  I must say that I arrived a few minutes (or so) later than everyone at the beginning of the night and was not aware of what Darryl had "seen" when Lisa and him arrived.  (Darryl is always blowing us away with what he can "see".) So I was quite surprised when I finally got to hear a recording of the session.  We also had other EMF trigger device responses that aren't included below. 
And for those of you who think we might have set it up somehow, we didn't and I in fact said after the session that part of me was convinced the radio station had set something up to try and fool us, but they didn't and neither did the owners of the house.  It was pretty awesome.

Thanks again to JACK FM and Kieran, Kiah and Tara Jean.  What a fun night and amazing experience to "investigate" with them!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Haunted Vancouver: Do ghosts walk the halls of Hycroft Manor?

Check out as NPI hits the screen on Global BC evening news:
NPI members Darryl, Connie and Nikki joined Jay Durant (and his cameraman) from Global BC for an investigation at Vancouver's well known Hycroft Manor, reputed to be haunted.

Hycroft Manor is an early 20th century mansion located at the University Women’s Club of Vancouver in Shaughnessy.
It’s a popular spot for parties and weddings, but it has also long been rumoured to be haunted.
There has been countless reported encounters over the years, and employees say they have felt ‘something different’ recently.
“When I walk into certain rooms, you get that cold chill right up your spine that stands your hairs up on end,” says Robert Giardino, Hycroft staff. “And it’s not the kind that you feel ‘oh it’s cold’, it’s the kind that you feel there’s something there that gives you that little fright.”
For Giardino, it all started a few months ago when a movie crew opened the door to what used to be a makeshift morgue. The mansion served as a veterans hospital just after World War II and many of the wounded soldiers died there.
The team from Northern Paranormal Investigations came out to look at Hycroft Manor, but did not turn up anything out of the ordinary. However, that was not for lack of trying. They brought a full arsenal to try and prove, or disprove, the stories of one of Vancouver’s most famous haunted locations.
Among others, there’s a rumour that a woman walks along the hallways of the third floor and one of the guests a few weeks ago says they heard a child crying on the second floor.
Is Hycroft Manor haunted? Maybe. But it doesn’t seem to be a bad place to spend eternity.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday Night 96.9 JACK FM's Halloween Investigation

Jack FM's morning glory crew had a contest on, winner would receive an investigation with NPI and the morning crew.  So last night we headed into East Vancouver to a beautiful house built in 1957 and owned an amazingly wonderful generous couple.  Our hosts/clients were a special gem of a surprise, and we are lucky to have gotten a chance to meet them. The Jack FM crew were pretty amazingly awesome too, such a treat to have them with us for the night.
Once we had all arrived at the house, we got to talking about things paranormal, about activity that had happened in the house, personal experiences, and then we set to work doing a run through with our cameras and EMF meters, for photos and baseline readings. After we completed that, we headed downstairs for our first EVP Session. And WOW!
I have a stuffed puppy dog named Fluffy, who is actually an EMF trigger device. Fluffy was a hit!  I have rarely experienced such reactions from an EMF meter (and REM pod) while doing an EVP session, it was pretty neat and I am sure the crew from Jack FM were a little stunned at what happened.  Gosh I love Fluffy.  He is coming on ALL our investigations.  LOL 
Sadly, after that initial EVP session, things got VERY quiet and the rest of the night passed by very...dry, although we did have some wonderful ghostly conversations. Sometimes (or often) that is how it goes when investigating, but we still love it. Of course, just because it was quiet and felt quiet, doesn't mean we didn't pick up anything on audio or video or photo.  I'll post what I can once all video and audio is reviewed.  On that note...I am off to listen to some EVP sessions.
Happy Almost Halloween!
*Photos courtesy of Tara Jean from Jack FM

Monday, October 21, 2013

Is your house....HAUNTED? - 96.9 JACK FM

This Halloween, Kiah & Tara Jean have teamed up with "Northern Paranormal Investigations" to provide someone with a personal exploration into the potentially paranormal activities happening in their home! To enter, post your story, pictures, and/or videos on our Facebook page...we will qualify someone everyday this week at 7:10a on JACK.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday October 16, 2013

NPI is participating in a small project right now and will tell you all about it as soon as we can, in the next week or two.  We are excited for this amazing opportunity.
Last night, three members of our team got to investigate a well known historic location in Vancouver.  We are so honored to have been there, I am almost speechless.  This location was amazing, and I fell in love with this building and everything inside.  As soon as you walk through the front doors, it is like you are instantly transported back in time...what I wouldn't give to be back there in time for a night, although being at location for the night was amazing.  I have been immersed in research on the location, and some of the people involved, the past few days while battling a migraine, and even through all the pain, the excited and fondness for this place is epic.  Everything about the whole night last night was EPIC.  While we did not have too many personal experiences, and it was quite quiet, we are so excited to see what all we might have picked up on any audio/video/photo. 
I shall update you all soon! 
Love and light,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spooky things to do in Vancouver this October!


Murders, Mysteries & Mayhem 13 – Vancouver Walking Tour!murders-mysteries--mayhem/crz8
Oct 4 – Nov 1
6PM & 8PM, arrive half an hour before hand.
$26.00 each

Dunbar Haunted House - Vancouver
Oct 15 – 31
7PM – 10PM (Sun-Thurs), 7PM-12PM (Fri-Sat)
$10.00 each

Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour - Vancouver
Oct 18 – 31
6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30
$40.00 each

Fright Nights at PNE - Vancouver
Oct 11 – Nov 2
7PM – 11PM (Oct 11, 12, 13), 7PM-12AM (Sun-Thurs &  Nov 1-2), 7PM-1AM (Fri-Sat)
Prices varied, check website
Chinatown Haunted House - Vancouver
Oct 24-31
$12.00 each

Potters House of Horrors - Surrey
Oct 11 – 31
7PM-10PM (Family hour starts at 6PM)
Prices varied, check website

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vancouver Residential Investigation

Vancouver Residential Investigation:

I have been on quite a few residential investigations over the years and I must say, this one was a little unique in how it made me feel.  Maybe it was the people involved, maybe it was the neighborhood, the building perhaps, or maybe it was the apartment itself.  I do not know, maybe one day I will.
Let me back up a little bit, to the day I received a call from a friend of a past client. She told me about a friend of hers who had been experiencing quite a bit of activity in her apartment and that I needed to contact her. From the tone of her voice, I was quite intrigued!  I called our soon-to-be new client and right off the bat I could tell this was going to be a rewarding one, not just in a paranormal way, but in a way where you get to meet wonderful positive people who will remain in your life.
As we got to talking, I got to hear some neat stories of some of the activity that was going on.  One thing that really intrigued me was hearing about the small shadows that were running around the place. Little did I know at the time, I’d be seeing them myself soon enough!  The client has a few cats, at first I thought that maybe it would turn out to be the cats that were mistaken as shadows; as it turns out, if it was the cats, it wasn’t them physically, but perhaps it was their residual energy?  In the end, we weren’t able to determine what exactly they were shadows of, just that there was nothing visible to cast those shadows.
Well, due to the feelings I had gotten while talking to the client on the phone, it was with excitement that we entered into this investigation.  When the time came to do the investigation at the apartment, we were just thrilled at the things we might experience and hopefully catch on video/photo or audio. 
I must say, we had such a magnificent warm welcome from our hosts/clients and a bond was definitely formed.  We set out and had quite a few personal experiences throughout the night.  While we did capture quite a few EVP, I can share a few of the “louder” ones here with you.   This is one place I would LOVE to go back to, now that we have better and more varied equipment. 
 I will forever have those feelings in me that I experienced while there.  They will never go away.  They confuse me, are so strong…but that’s ok.  It’s all a part of life.  Now grab your headphones, crank up the volume and enjoy!
1. Hello
2. Knocks
As it says, no one was in the room at the time this was recording, nothing to have made those knocking sounds.
3. Connie Go Home
One of our team members name is Connie.
4. I Don't Know
5. No
6. No
7. No

Lao Ghost Story From My Memory - by Nye Noona

What follows is a personal story written by Nye Noona, posted April 18, 2007 online:
I’ve translated many Thai ghost story, but none of Lao ghost; not that we don’t have any, and if I have to say so, Lao ghost story is as scary as Thai ghost story. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any Lao ghost story in reading, but I do have one story that I remember when I was little living in Laos. The story was very vague, since I was only 5 years old, but my sisters and I were talking about our adventures in Laos not too long ago, so everything is a lot clearer to me now.
I didn’t have that many friends while living in Laos, probably about 3-4, I’m not sure where they are now, it’s sad that the war in Laos has separated all of us, all living in different part of the world now, but the internet manages to bring some of us a lot closer. One of my friends was Thong, and she was my age at the time. She became very ill, and at that time, the majority of Lao people believed in the medicine man; where he would blow some water of medicine at you, or worse, think that you were processed by ghost spirits or demons, and would throw sacred rice, sacred water, or worse, I’ve heard of the whipping part, but never have seen it myself. My sister said that it was so sad to see her before her death; it seemed that she was in a lot of pain, and her cry were very distinctive, and very haunting to those that heard and saw her. The medicine man treated her, unfortunately; she didn’t make it. Sadly many are still being treated this way in Laos, some of us might question if they are sound-minded.
Thong was ill for 3 days, and passed away, I couldn’t remember if I grieved a lot, I was only 5, and her funeral was simple. We lived in Mueng Kao at the time, right next to Wat Sone Suk Sith (temple), and rumor has it that ghost frequently travel on the road next to our house because it lead right to the cemetery. It was common for us to hear ‘ma horn’ (dogs howling) at night, as in comparison to those that live in big city and hear sirens, and forget about using the bathroom in the middle of the night, we had an outhouse, which was quite a distance from the house, none of us would take that chance.
They cremated her body at the temple after the 3rd day, and that night, we all heard (the whole town) her cry. It was chilling to hear, the same haunting sound right before her death, my sister said it was like ‘haw, ha w, h a w l…’, which the sound seemed to travel on the road next to our house, headed toward the direction of her house. As she was crying, the dogs were howling, almost in some sort of musical rhythm (definitely not the types of third earsmusic for your ), the dogs paraded after her. When she got to her house, she stood there for a long time, cried with her haunting voice; I couldn’t imagine the feelings of her parents at the time, must be mixed emotions. She couldn’t go inside because her house was protected by ‘sye sin’ (sacred white rope blessed by monk), so she traveled back the same path toward the direction of our house. You can imagine how we all felt when her voice drawn near, our house was not protected by ‘sye sin’, what happen if she decided to come in and play with me, just the thought gives me goose bumps. We hid underneath our covers, as if the blankets were going to protect us somehow, but that was all we knew to do at the time.
One of our neighbors was not as fortunate; she was outside, taking care of personal business when Thong passed by. My neighbor was in a squatting position, froze in midair, as she suddenly heard ‘ma horn’ (dogs howling), then followed by Thong’s chillingly cry, every hairs in her body rose. She didn’t know what to do, was too scared to get up and run back inside her house. She gathered enough courage and told Thong to go elsewhere, which did work, it was such a relief for my neighbor, or otherwise I’m not sure what she would have done. I’ve heard in the past that some people actually got ill from such encounter, Lao people called it ‘Jup kaih houw goan’, and that their hairs turned gray or white. My neighbor was frightened, totally forgot about her personal business, got up, and ran back inside her house. Thong walked back and forth several times that night until morning; we didn’t get any sleep.
People were talking about it at the morning market, and morning alms (tuk badt). It was worst for those that saw her before her death because not only did they heard her voice, but saw her image as well. To think back now, she must felt lost and lonely, brand new to the ghostly world, probably didn’t know where to go, or had no one to comfort her, and she was just a baby ghost. I guess the thought of her being a ghost made all of us fearful, hair-raising just the thought of comforting her. That was not the only night that we heard her chillingly cry. Since we lived right next to the road travel by ghost, Lao people called it ‘tung pei teal’, there were many chilling incidents that we heard and saw.
Nye Noona

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mission BC - Paranormal Happenings

Submitted by: Katherine, September 2013

Story 1:
     It all started when I was 9 years old. We lived in a split level house in Mission BC. We were having a garage sale that day. I will never forget because it was so hot outside even being in the shade was almost 30 degrees... I had mentioned to my Mom that I wasn't feeling all that well so I was going to lay down.  Just as I was about to enter the front door a huge gust of wind came up and pulled 3 railroad ties out of the ground. If you know what I'm talking about then cool, if you don't well they are about 3 ft in length and about the thickness of the head of any regular hammer. I remember going into the house climbing the stairs and laying down in my bed. My window was partially open to let in any breeze that may come up. From then I only know what was told to me by my Mom.  
     Now know this, there was no alternate way for me to get out of the house because the basement door went right into the garage sale, as did the front door. The patio door was locked from the outside in so I couldn't have gotten away that way. She said from the time I went in to lie down and the time I returned was about 6 hrs.  She said that the police were called and the neighborhood watch was involved and so were the firefighters. When I came out of my room after the whole house was searched, it looked like I had just woken up from a very restful sleep. I was nowhere to be found prior to that. Everyone was so upset and nervous that I got frightened. As a small child you can imagine what it would've been like. After that experience I was terrified of my bedroom and any window that didn't have blinds on it. I wouldn't go outside after dark unless I was with someone. I would not look into the night sky because something was in the back of my head saying you should be afraid of this. I still to this day have issues looking through big open windows and looking into the bright sky. I have no idea what happened to me that night, nor do I wish to know. All I do know is that I was plagued with nightmares of fire, of falling, strange shapes, strange noises and feelings of pain and uncomfortable scenarios. 

Story 2:
     The next story also happened while I was living in Mission. A different area though, close to the Mission Secondary School. I was 11 years old and very sensitive. Everything bothered me. My brother and I were in the house by ourselves, our mom was working,  Both my brother and I had friends sleeping over that night.  My girlfriend and I were hanging out on my bed, telling ghost stories, when the bed levitated off the floor, and then slammed into the ground. Then we heard a board fall between my room and my brothers room....although there is no space in that wall. Then we heard knocking on the front and back doors. We went to go look, but no one was there. This was the first of many experiences I was to have in this house. Note:  That girlfriend that was time at her house, I was called "stupid" by something. 

     My next experience in that house was when I was in Grade 9.  Grandma was going to be meeting us at the front door of our house after school, and look after us for a bit. Once we arrived home from school, Grandma let us in, then said she had to go take care of some errands and that we had to fend for ourselves for a bit.  My brother (who is 18 months older than I am) decided to skip out on his homework and chores and went out to a friends house. I was all alone in the house... I went into the kitchen to get a snack.  I faintly heard my name being called down the hallway. I went to investigate, but saw nothing. I went back to the kitchen, continued making my snack. Then I heard it again, although this time it sounded like it was coming from the den. And then it started coming from all over the place, all around me.  "Katherine, Katherine.....".  Scared the crap out of me. I left the house and went to my friends place until I knew my Grandma or my mom would be back at the house.
     That same night, while laying in bed, I had my hair pulled, I was scratched and I watched my mirror break and my wall paper rip from the top of the wall all the way to the bottom. I got up and tried to leave the room, but the doorknob would not move. I could not get out of the room.  
     After that, things quieted down for awhile. I started going to church with one of my friends.  I am not a hypocrite or anything, but I do believe in God and I do believe in the devil and I know he believes in me. I am not sure what all is attracted to me or why, but it is both interesting and terrifying. 
     I have since moved to Fort St. John. We had lived in a townhouse complex where I would hear foot steps and banging.  Then I got married and baptized and things subsided for a long time.  
     It wasn't until I was pregnant with my first son that things started up again.  We moved to another area just outside Fort St. John. We bought a trailer and started our lives as a family. Just before my son's baptism at 3 months of age, I was in the living room with him in his rocking chair. It was 3am and as I looked down the hallway where my husband was sleeping, I saw this cloudy dark mass move up the hallway. It was about a quarter way up the wall. As I watched, it seemed to grow in mass.  It looked like it was coming for my son, so I reached over, grabbed him from his chair and held him to my chest and said "my Jesus". It instantly disappeared. 

After that, a couple years passed and we found our current house. While pregnant with my second son, I experienced what was to be the most scary bit of my life so far. The first couple nights were nothing but interesting. We had metal shelves in the basement, but had nothing else down there just yet.  Everything was unfinished, even our cats were not allowed down there due to the dry wall dust and tools laying around everywhere.  Well one night, all the shelves down there decided to fall down at the same time.  
     Second thing that happened was about 6 weeks later.  My son was asleep in his crib and it was the night before Halloween. I was peering out the front window in our living room to watch for teenagers would might be up to trouble because it was halloween. I noticed a cold spot behind me but didn't think anything of it at the time. Then I heard a sigh in my ear.  Definitely a male sounding sigh. I freaked out and went into our bedroom, which had a dead lock on the door. Feeling a bit safer, I went to sleep only to wake up to hear the dead bolt open itself. Then I noticed I couldn't move my legs, someone was sitting on them. Then I felt a sensation of fear and anger come over me as a pair of hands covered my throat. I sat up and did the only thing I could think of, I screamed.  I woke up my husband with the commotion. I ran out of the room and grabbed my son who was also crying, and we packed up and went to Grandparents house. I swore I would not sleep there again until I had the pastor bless the house.  
     My children sometimes come to me and say there is something in the basement of the house, but nothing has really happened since that Halloween in 2008. 
     The only thing that has been constant is that neither of my boys will sleep in the front bedroom of our house. They both have severe nightmares every night when they try and sleep there. I have since moved into that bedroom and am waiting to see if anything will happen to me.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Las Vegas Paracon 2013

On August 23, 2013 I had the pleasure of going down to Las Vegas for The Las Vegas Paracon 2013 at Binions Gambling Hall & Hotel.  This event was put on by the Elite Vegas Paranormal Society and they did a fantastic job!  Check out their website here:

A few random photos:

 Some new friends and fellow investigators from down under! Check out their website

 Here is me buying a new piece of equipment from Brian J. Cano (Haunted Collector)

Some of the gang from Evil Dead the Musical!

We got to investigate Binions Hotel while there, my group was on the Saturday night and the weather had changed to make for a very electrifying night.     mhuahahahaha!  It seemed that the spirits were a wanderin', emotions were running high and the cockroaches were a crawlin'  (okay so the one we saw was dead...close enough!)  I only had a couple personal experiences, mostly to do with feeling things emotionally and a couple times physically. I also heard scratching on the cabinet I sat in (this was in the cockroach room!) I shudder to think it was little roachies running up and down the cabinet wall, but it probably was just that.  

I can't wait to get back there, hopefully I will be able to make next years event.  It was so worth it going there.  

Thank you to everyone at EVPS, the volunteers and the "celebs".  The time was definitely one to remember.  


Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Come visit us Canada Day at Coquitlam's Lafarge Lake and Evergreen Cultural Center.
 NPI's booth is located in the Community Village and we will be there from 12:00PM (Noon) to 8:00PM. 
Admission is FREE!

We hope to see you there!! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Coming up on Saturday June 22, NPI will be going to a wonderfully historic location in Gas Town, Vancouver BC for an investigation.  We are looking forward to whom we might meet, roaming the old halls and ways.  Hopefully we will capture some EVP to share, or even get more lucky and capture a photo or video of something...beyond. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer weekend! 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Las Vegas Paracon 2013

I will be heading down to Vegas this summer to check out The Las Vegas Paracon. This will be my first time at this particular event. It is sure to be another wonderful experience!  (It's Vegas, of course it will be!)

The Las Vegas Paracon - August 23rd - August 25th, 2013

The Las Vegas Paracon is a 3 day event beginning Friday, August 23rd, through Sunday, August 24th. Join Celebrity Guests and Paranormal Teams and Enthusiasts from around the world!

Friday offers a Celebrity Meet-n-Greet, where you have the opportunity to mingle with Paranormal Celebrities on The Pool Deck, which sits on the roof top of Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel, overlooking Downtown Las Vegas! Friday will also be the first of two nights of Paranormal Investigations at Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel.

Saturday, August 24th will be a day of Paranormal Speakers, Workshops, Vendors, Food, and Drink. Saturday night is highlighted by the second Paranormal Investigation of this Historic Casino!

Sunday, August 25th begins with a Paranormal Hangover Breakfast, followed by Paranormal Speakers, Workshops, Vendors, Food, and Drinks. Sunday is your chance to get out and explore The Fremont Street Experience, and try your hand at the tables and slots!

Tickets Available at:

For Celebrity Guest Appearances and Vendor Tables, Contact: 

** There are still some Friday and Saturday night investigations tickets left!!!!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Forbidden Plateau ~ The Legend: When the Comox people faced raids from other coastal tribes, they took their women and children to the plateau for safekeeping. Once, during a raid by the Cowichan, the women and children vanished without a trace. When a member of the tribe went looking for the women and children within the Forbidden Plateau, he found red lichen covering the snow and nearby rocks and assumed the lichen to be blood from the family members. Since then, the plateau has become taboo for it was believed that it was inhabited by evil spirits who had consumed those they had sent. ~Wikipedia. Links to further info supplied on Wikipedia.
If you have any stories to share about this location, please email us at  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers for Oklahoma

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone (and their animals) in Moore, Oklahoma.

You will grow stronger, Oklahoma.

Love and light,


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zuckerberg Island

Submitted by Lloyd: 

I’d like to take a few moments to tell you about an experience I had about 20 years ago on a small island just outside Castlegar, BC. It’s called Zuckerberg Island. When I was about 14 years old I went to Nelson to stay with my father for a few weeks during the summer. My older brother was living with him at the time. One evening, my brother and a few of his friends took me to Zuckerberg Island, but to this day I don’t recall what the main reason for going was, I can only recall the events that took place for me when I was there. 
It had to be about 6pm when we arrived, because the sun was just starting to go down. Now, if you're familiar with the island's layout, there is a rather large suspension bridge, that sits maybe 100- 150 ft. above ground (not sure how high it actually was) that connects the parking area to the island itself. If I had to guess, I would say it takes approximately 15 mins to cross it (at the walking speed of a 14 yr. old). The visit to the island started out quite normal; we crossed the bridge, and found our way to an open area where there were benches and tables for sitting at. We sat around for some time socializing and taking in the sights. After a while it started getting darker and darker. Before long, I had noticed a young girl sitting alone on one of the benches across the open field. I didn’t think anything of it at first; she just seemed to be sitting there observing our activities. Me being a 14 yr. old boy, I was paying extra attention to her as she sat there... 
This went on for about 30 minutes and my curiosity got the better of me. I decided I would try to talk to her and find out why she was there alone. I glanced away for what only seemed like a quick moment to inform my brother that I was going over to talk to the girl on the bench, but when I turned back toward the bench, the young girl was gone. It was at that time, I discovered that no one else in the group had noticed anyone sitting in the area we were in. I felt a bit uneasy about that, but put it aside thinking maybe I was just seeing things. As it grew darker, it also became colder so we all decided we would head back to the car. Just as we were leaving the open area I decided to glance back at the bench to see if the mystery girl had returned and to my surprise she had. I quickly got my brothers attention and pointed her out, this time he did see her. As we made our way towards the suspension bridge to cross back to the parking area I noticed that the young girl had begun to follow us. We tried to call out to her to see if she wanted to walk with us but got no response in return, she simply continued to follow us. Just before we reached the bridge we had noticed that she had quickened her pace and was starting to catch up to us, still not answering anyone’s attempts to talk to her. We were all a bit scared at this point and decided to start running towards the bridge. We began crossing the bridge, my brother in front followed by his friends and lastly, me being the youngest, I was also apparently the slowest...I was about half way across the bridge, my brother and his friends already across, when I started to feel like someone was directly behind me reaching out to me. I was too afraid to turn around and look, but I could hear my brother yelling for me to run faster. About three quarters of the way across I decided to look behind me and saw the same young girl only a few feet behind me. I closed my eyes and ran as fast as I could to the end of the bridge, when I got there, I again turned around; only this time there was no one there. The girl had vanished. Since I knew for sure she hadn’t passed me at the end of the bridge, the only other way to go was back to the other side of the bridge, but that would've taken at least 4-5 minutes to cross at full running speed. However, there was no one on the bridge or on the other side. At that point, I was completely scared and wasted no time getting into the vehicle and leaving. As we were driving away, my curiosity again got the better of me and I turned towards the bridge one last time. The young girl was standing on the bridge only a few feet from where I had stopped to see if she was there. To this day, I still remember the expression on her face. It was an expression of such sadness I had never seen before, nor have I ever seen since. About a week later my brother told me he had heard about a young girl around my age that had committed suicide off the suspension bridge a few years back. Now, I don’t know if there is any truth to what my brother told me in regards to the suicide, but I do know what I saw that night.

I have made some inquiries as to the validity of what I saw that night, but have only got such responses as, "Zuckerberg Island is known to be haunted" or "there have been reports of occurrences on the island over the years.

Part of me hopes that in sending this to you, it may help others tell their stories as well, and possibly reaffirm for me that we weren’t just having some weird "afraid of the dark" moment... 


Lloyd Langill

Thank you Lloyd for sharing your story.  If anyone is interested in learning more about Zuckerberg Island, check it out here:

Man on road or ??

Submitted by: Lyn 

Hi I came across your site as I've been looking for any information about something I experienced last night. I was driving home down Wain Road in North Saanich on Vancouver Island. I'd turned off the highway and started down Wain Road and put my high beams on. I saw what looked like a young man dressed in dark clothing walking down the road (into on coming traffic direction) and walking in the cycling lane. Common practice for people walking down the road. So as soon as I saw him I turned my high beams down so that I wouldn't blind him as I approached. I kept my eye on him as I drove toward him and he suddenly was gone! No sign of him anywhere! Today I drove the road again a couple of times to see if there was anything that it could've been and there was nothing there I could've mistaken for a person who was definitely walking towards me last night. 


NPI would like to hear back from anyone who has heard of, experienced or know any history regarding this area/road a man and unexplained activity there.

Please email us at if you have any information. 

Monday, February 18, 2013



We here at NPI would absolutely LOVE to hear your own personal stories of paranormal encounters/happenings/occurrences and yes, activity  (I am hesitant to use that word since the movies came out.)

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2, 2013 - Residentail Investigation

Gearing up for tonight's investigation, going in with full team plus one potential new member. (What's that you say?! Are we possibly looking for new members?!  Keep an eye out for any possible up coming announcements!)  Anyways, Tonight's residential takes out us to the Fraser Valley where one person is claiming to be visited by a few different spirits.  In her work, she has had chance to be around many dying people, giving them comfort before they make the next step in their journey.  Could it be they have come back to visit to thank her for her caring and comfort?  Could she be visited by family members who have important messages for her, but she just isn't being open to them?  Can it be something else entirely is going on.  Or will it turn out she has rodents or other wild animals nesting, bad wiring, a leaky roof, neighbors playing tricks on her.  Well, this team is ready to get in there and find out what is really happening!  And then we shall figure a way to make the resident feel at peace in her home.

Image by Gordon Tarpley

Wishing everyone an amazing spooktacular Saturday night!  
Love and light, 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Everyone at Northern Paranormal Investigations wishes you all a wonderful prosperous new year!