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Saturday, January 25, 2014


First I must apologise for not posting sooner.  I guess we all got caught up in the holidays and life and all that fun stuff.  Now we are back at it with gusto!
So, I was talking to a co-worker today and was told about their trip to Cuba, and one of the cemeteries they visited, including the storage for bones.  I have been completely unaware of the way they deal with burials/remains there.  So if you already know about it, please bear with me.  Also, my knowledge on this subject is very basic, forgive me.
From what I understand, after a quick funeral service, the body is taken to the cemetery where the lid to the tomb is pried off, and the body is laid to rest.  If the tomb is public, the body will get unburied after two years, a private tomb, the occupant can stay longer, unless needed by a relative.  The remains are then put in either a mausoleum, or there will be a building on the property in which the remains are stored openly on shelves, some in open wooden cabinets on top of the tombs, piling up, or some just piled openly in a certain spot. Each cemetery seems to have a different way of keeping the remains that were unburied (by then, bones ...I hope?  I don't know how long total decomp takes). 
(Boneyard - Colon Cemetery - Havana)
I have heard visiting these places are pretty emotional and described by some as "haunting".  I am left to wonder if there are any spirits remaining, not moving on from their bodies for some reasons.  Maybe one day I can go visit and perhaps find out for myself. 
If you have visited one of these cemeteries and had something happen to you there (paranormal in nature), or any cemetery for that matter, please feel free to share your story with us.  Email  If appropriate, we will post your story, with your name kept confidential, unless you want to be named. 

Thanks, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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