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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kiah & Tara Jean's Haunted House - EVP Session

Kiah, Tara Jean & Kieran teamed up with Northern Paranormal Investigations to visit and investigate a reportedly haunted house in East Vancouver. 

Well now we can let you listen in on the first EVP session we conducted in the basement of the house.  I must say that I arrived a few minutes (or so) later than everyone at the beginning of the night and was not aware of what Darryl had "seen" when Lisa and him arrived.  (Darryl is always blowing us away with what he can "see".) So I was quite surprised when I finally got to hear a recording of the session.  We also had other EMF trigger device responses that aren't included below. 
And for those of you who think we might have set it up somehow, we didn't and I in fact said after the session that part of me was convinced the radio station had set something up to try and fool us, but they didn't and neither did the owners of the house.  It was pretty awesome.

Thanks again to JACK FM and Kieran, Kiah and Tara Jean.  What a fun night and amazing experience to "investigate" with them!


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