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Sunday, March 12, 2017

My First Investigation - By Darryl P.

My First Investigation

Hello all I am Darryl Pearson, founder of Northern Paranormal Investigations (NPI).  I have been in the paranormal field going on 8 years and through out that time I have experienced a few things I can’t explain.
On my very first investigation I was asked to attend a residential home in South Surrey BC. The family that called had all kinds of activity happening in their home. This was affecting both the mother and daughter of the family. The husband/father seemed to either not be affected or just refused to acknowledge it.
Some of the reports included shadow figures, bangs, footstep sounds, voices, objects going missing, and full apparitions of what appeared to be a male figure. The home was a two-level single family dwelling with 4 people residing within. We conducted the investigation on a comfortable summer evening with the mother and daughter home.
Attending the investigation were 4 investigators and the 2 family members. We arrived around 7 pm and upon entry to the location I noted something in the upper hall above the entry way. Now, just to let everyone know and not to confuse anyone, I am a sensitive.
I guess I should explain that some before I continue. I have discovered a while ago that I had the ability to notice things that seemed to be outside the normal realm of things. I will talk about this another time.
So, back at the investigation, we set about talking to the client and listened to them describe all their claims. After our conversion, we set about conducting the investigation. With cameras, recorders, meters, and ourselves set up, we started.
Myself and one other team member went to the spare bedroom and we were in the middle of asking questions when I noted a shadow figure cross the open door into the bathroom area just off the bedroom. Now, being that the bathroom area was dark, I almost thought it was my eyes playing tricks. But the shadow was darker than the room was, and the window in the bathroom was closed, no light coming in. It made for an interesting start to the investigation considering what I had, or thought I had, seen in the entry way earlier.
As the night progressed we moved from room to room aiming to see what would happen. After a few hours, all 4 of us ended up in the main bedroom. This area was reported as one of the more active areas in the home, the one area that has affected the mother more then anywhere else.
After about 20 minutes of asking questions, I had the feeling of being watched from the bathroom area of that room. This was not the same bathroom I mentioned earlier. Yet it seems in this house these were the areas that something had decided to call home.
Just after that feeling I heard what I can only describe as a voice saying something. It was one word which led me to say to the others that there was something in the bathroom area.
The rest of the night went quiet and uneventful, and we left the home and residents with positive thoughts and feelings.
I went home very excited to review my recordings from that night. Upon going through them, I came across one that blew my mind. The following EVP was captured in the main bedroom, right at the time I had mentioned the voice to the other people in the room. Even today I still find this EVP very cool.

Listen to the very top EVP called "Bathroom"
So, I was left with a feeling of excitement after my very first investigation and have been involved in the field ever since.
Oh, and there is an update to the investigation. Remember I said I was a sensitive? Well a few weeks after the investigation I was at work and had a sudden feeling wash over me that something was wrong. I talked to someone about this feeling and said I felt it was connected to the residents. I was then told the mother had ended up in the hospital a day earlier. Was that the spirit that I had seen there that informed me? The other question, was it the shadow figure that put the woman in the hospital? To date I have not heard back from them, but I can say I will never forget my first investigation.

Darryl Pearson
Northern Paranormal Investigations
TAPS Family Member