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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beatty Street Drill Hall

Beatty Street Drill Hall

The Beatty Street Drill Hall is a Canadian Forces armoury, located at 620 Beatty Street in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is the home of The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) (RCAC), an armoured reconnaissance reserve, the oldest military unit in Vancouver, and the most senior militia in the province.

This beautiful and historic building was opened on 30th of September 1901, by the Duke of Cornwall (later King George V). With two large castle-like turrets, complete with battlements, two tanks and a 64-pounder gun, alongside the large white structure, Beatty Street Drill Hall has long been a Vancouver landmark and is listed as a class-A heritage building.

The walls are built three and a half feet thick, and the building rests on huge granite blocks. Limestone from Gabriola Island was used for the parapet. The Drill Hall includes a parade square, offices, and store rooms. It formerly contained a firing range and bowling alley as well. The Regimental Museum of the BC Regiment (DCO) is housed in the building, with displays dating back to 1883, including uniforms, weapons, medals, Nazi regalia, and a large collection of photographs documenting the regiment's (and the Drill Hall's) history. The museum was established in 1982 and is open to the public Thursday afternoons.

So as most can see from reading the above, this building is not only historic, but also very beautiful. But one thing you would not have read, is that the Drill Hall is reported to be haunted.

Some of the reports are of voices being heard when no one else is around, footsteps being heard through- out the Drill Hall—and one of the more startling events is the apparition, which some of the regiment have been heard to have seen. With the age of the Beatty St. Drill Hall and the history of the many wars, conflicts and actions, men and woman have not only been involved, but they died for it. It is a wonder that there aren’t more reports form this great historic Canadian building.