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Monday, February 18, 2013



We here at NPI would absolutely LOVE to hear your own personal stories of paranormal encounters/happenings/occurrences and yes, activity  (I am hesitant to use that word since the movies came out.)

Please feel free to email us your ghost story to Random stories will be posted on the blog!  If you do not want your name known on the post, please let us know which of the following you want if we choose your story to share:

Name (First Name) and Location published in post. 
Name (First Name) only published in post. 
Location only published in post. 
Name and Location NOT published in post. 

*Please remember to keep all stories G-Rated. 

Love and light!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2, 2013 - Residentail Investigation

Gearing up for tonight's investigation, going in with full team plus one potential new member. (What's that you say?! Are we possibly looking for new members?!  Keep an eye out for any possible up coming announcements!)  Anyways, Tonight's residential takes out us to the Fraser Valley where one person is claiming to be visited by a few different spirits.  In her work, she has had chance to be around many dying people, giving them comfort before they make the next step in their journey.  Could it be they have come back to visit to thank her for her caring and comfort?  Could she be visited by family members who have important messages for her, but she just isn't being open to them?  Can it be something else entirely is going on.  Or will it turn out she has rodents or other wild animals nesting, bad wiring, a leaky roof, neighbors playing tricks on her.  Well, this team is ready to get in there and find out what is really happening!  And then we shall figure a way to make the resident feel at peace in her home.

Image by Gordon Tarpley

Wishing everyone an amazing spooktacular Saturday night!  
Love and light,