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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Chinlac Massacre Site

The Chinlac Massacre Site

This historic site located at the meeting point of the Nechako and Stuart Rivers, is the site of the 1745 Native Chinlac village. This specific village however, is popular not only because it was the home of the Chinlac people, but because it was home to a people that was almost wiped out of existence by the southern Denes, a warring party of Chilcotin natives from further south.

It is told that Chinlac men were out hunting while the woman and children stayed at the village. The Denes came upon the village and then set about massacring everyone who remained. Some say that they even cannibalized some of the bodies.

Over 250 woman and children were killed that day, and even though the Chinlac men did manage to get revenge, it did not change the fact that all their lives were destroyed.

This history of what happened at the village leads to the strange, but understandable sequence of events that occur to people known to go visit this local.

First is that most people who travel here, which can only be reached by boat or plane, will always say that the area has a very cold and creepy felling to it.

Second is that the entire village area seems to no longer support plant growth and anything planted, will only last a short time. It is heard to be said by some native elders that any trees that manage to grow, or are planted will only grow to no more the 15 feet and then die or live a stunted life, before withering and dying quickly.

This may be enough to keep most people away, who are afraid of the unknown. However, if you feel brave enough, go and see if you can spend the night.

Archaeologists have reported feelings of unease and of being frightened, inspiring them to leave. Campers who have canoed to the site, have been so overwhelmed by the area that they have left in the middle of the night to seek more relaxing areas to camp. So I say again, if you feel brave go see if you can spend a night at the Chinlac Massacre site.

Thanks to the Vancouver Sun and the Shadowlands haunted places site for their information on this story.

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Kyle said...
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Kevin said...

Their is a trail out to the site as I was out there just over a week ago. There is still no trees on the 5 acre area where the village once sat. There is for sure something out there as I came upon the village site it seemed to go dead quite. No birds singing, no crickets chirping, just dead silence. Very peaceful, but definitely a creepy vibe to it.

Unknown said...

this site is where my great great grandfather lived this is sad to see that this lie has been passed around like a cheap thrill this is what happens when tyrants write history and lies spread by none family members you can find me in vanderhoof BC in stony creek if you would like to argue about these lies the reason there is nothing growing there is becouse we lived there for hundreds and hundreds of years and my great grandfather just left the place in 1864 after the murder of my family there is nothing sinister about the place i go there all the time its our true home i have read thesis and other so called writings about Chun-Lac (not chin-lac) and 75% of what i read is lies and fairy tails so i would like to make sure you know the truth about it: brian clyde raphael great great great grandson of khadintel great great grandson of Kel-Cho great grandson of big jim raphael and grandson of gus raphael the truth about chun-lac is much more intresting then the lies