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Welcome to NPI
We are a paranormal investigative group located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Western Canada. Our main areas of service include Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.
Our goal is to inform and help people who are experiencing potential paranormal activity. We do this either by verifying or debunking claims and explaining how this conclusion is reached.  Evidence gathered, personal experiences and research are but a few ways in which we accomplish this.
Do you have unusual, unexplainable activity and really do wonder who to call?
Try us. We will bring to you experienced, honest, respectful, and dedicated people, who will strive to help when very few others will. We will not walk away, until you are fully satisfied with the results of our investigations.
If you need help, call us at either 778-227-5522, 778-899-6994 or email us at:
We will be glad to help. Our services are free and at a level of confidentiality set by you, the client.

Darryl Pearson
Team Founder