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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Old Spaghetti Factory, And The Conductor's Ghost

The Old Spaghetti Factory

This old building, which now holds The Spaghetti Factory, is located in the Gastown area of Vancouver and is one of the most noted hotspots in the area.

Witnesses at the restaurant—mostly employees—have seen the apparition of a man dressed in old clothing sitting in the trolley car and seems to like to rearrange the cutlery on the tables.

This figure has also been seen in the ladies restroom, so watch out ladies. For the most part, the employees seem to get the most activity because it seems the spirits are more active after the restaurant closes for the evening. Long-term employees have claimed to hear their names being called and when looking, have found no one around to say anything in the first place.

Some say that the figure seen is a conductor. The building now sits on top of an old underground railway where there was once a tragic accident, which may account for why this spirit seems to hang around the trolley car at this location.

If you ever have a chance to dine there, take a look around and check out the picture of the trolley car they have hung up—a very close look.

You just may see the figure sitting on the steps of the car within the picture.

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Water Street, And The Decapitated Ghost

Water Street Vancouver

As one of the most well-known and visited streets in Vancouver— if not the oldest street, Water Street has a history and look that has to be experienced.

However you may want to skip this one bit of history. It is said that at night, and if you are in the right or wrong place at the right time, one may see the apparition of a decapitated Asian mine-worker walking along the street.

One may believe one of two stories told of this figure.

One is the man’s head was taken by thieves during an attack or attempted robbery.

The second is that the Asian man was walking the rails at night and caught his foot and was stuck until he lost his head to the next train to come by.

You may choose which one to believe, but either way, you may not want to see this ghost late some night, especially if you are alone.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hotel Vancouver, and The Lady In Red

Hotel Vancouver

The Hotel Vancouver is one of the best, well-known hotels on the West Coast of British Columbia. It is unmistakable with its cooper roofs, gargoyles and service surpassed by few.

This landmark is known for many things, but the one that stands out is The Lady In Red.

The lady is said to be a ghost that haunts the 14th floor, she appears dressed all in red to those who see her.

The accounts that have been reported include; the lady being seen walking on a ledge that does not exist on the building. The Hotel elevator seems to make unscheduled stops on the 14th floor and when the doors open the lady appears along the hall seeming to float as she moves.

So next time you stay at this great hotel, be sure to make a stop on the 14th floor and see if you can catch a glimpse of The Lady in Red.

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Hycroft Manor, and the Veteran spirits

Hycroft Manor

This manor home is one of the older and more beautiful manors in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The beginning of construction was in 1909, and completed in 1911, for Alexander Duncan McRae. In 1942 it was given to the Veterans Affairs for use as a convalescent hospital until 1960, where it was then bought by a woman’s club, where it remains today.

The activity reported in Hycroft Manor is widely varied. Including the sighting of an elderly man dressed in a World War I uniform that some believe to be General McRae himself. Others have seen a woman appear, who some believe might be McRae’s wife.

With Hycroft Manor having been used as a hospital in the past, people have seen up to three apparitions of WWI vets, and at other times a nurse from around the same time period.

Some of the most disturbing sounds heard, have been of men crying. No one knows why, but a lot believe it has to do with the wounded that were kept and possibly died there. It also seems a lot of activity happens when there are film crews working there.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Orpheum Theatre, and the resident ghost

The Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre was built in Vancouver in 1927, and has been a main stay for actors and actresses showing their talents ever sense.

It has a history that is well known. But also, it has another which few may know.

One of these is that the presence of a spirit has been seen many times over the years. It is said that during a vaudeville act, an acrobat died by accident, and has been wondering the theatre ever sense.

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The Keg Restaurant, and the various sightings

The Keg Restaurant

This restaurant is not only a great place to eat with its very tasty steaks and its mouth watering prime rib. You may find yourself wondering just what and or who may be watching you eat.

The Keg, located in New Westminster, British Columbia, was once a railway-station for the city of New Westminster. It has an in-depth history and is as exciting as the city itself.

Some of the things said to have happened include a little girl being seen upstairs, a woman seen walking in front of the serving area and a woman’s face being seen by patrons in a mirror, while no one sat beside them.

If you are feeling adventurous: go for dinner and spend some time looking around, once again you never know what might pop up.

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Bernie Legge Theatre, and the Lady In White

Bernie Legge Theatre

Wow. That is all that needs be said about this historic theatre in New Westminster, BC.
Having been around for over 50 years, it has had a wide variety of fantastic shows, and even more incredible actors and actresses. The activity that is known to have taken place in the theatre seems to be well known. Instances that range from visual sightings of the Lady In White in the main theatre, to sounds of footsteps on the stage. These are heard by people alone in the building, leaving the employees feeling the need to leave and get out of the theatre as fast as possible.
If you ever find yourself looking for an excellent show, then I highly recommend The Legge Theatre.
And who knows you may even get a glimpse of the Lady In White, if you are lucky.

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