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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A Story of Levitation

I have experienced levitation in the past, a few times. Of objects, not people. Some of those objects though, include ones being touched by people. I have always thought it has more to do with human energy control, rather than a ghost, but then it has also occurred when there are other unexplainable things happing in the area. So I am still undecided. My most favourite story of levitation, which doesn’t involve me, involves people very close to me. 
 Back when I was young and into all that stuff, this person scoffed at me and my friends, made fun of us because he didn't believe anything we claimed we experienced and didn’t believe it when we would do in front of him. It was nope nope nope, you gals are lying, or making it up, or doing it yourselves. He just absolutely refused to believe it was anything but us purposely moving things/causing things to happen. 

So fast forward many years when said person and his friends move into a house that also turned out to be haunted (another story, but I shall not be telling it). 

One night around Halloween he had some friends over and one brought a Ouija board. After playing around for a few minutes one person has their end of the planchette lift off the board. Person thinks to themselves “oh, the other person is trying to trick me and is pushing down hard on their side to make this side lift”. Person does not say anything out loud and eventually the planchette comes back down. Then the other person experiences the same thing, and that person thinks the same thing, that the other person is trying to pull a fast one on them. This goes on for a while, with no one is saying anything because everyone is thinking each other is doing it on purpose…. 


 Well, since none of them actually expected that to happen (even though by then they were discovering it was quite possibly a haunted house), they screamed, freaked out…ran out of the house. They spent the rest of the night until morning down at the beach. Once it was light out, they went back and person said to his friend…get your board out of my house. I am not going in until it is out. 

Ah, it was quite the todo. After that, they didn’t speak of it. They all refused to acknowledge what happened and refused to ever play the Ouija game again.

Thanks for reading!