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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Residential Investigation

Residential Investigation

Following is a brief account of one of our private residential investigations. Client names have been changed to protect their identity. 

With residential investigations a group just never really knows what they are going to run into. The Client had a lot of information on the history of the site, and explained to us the personal experiences her and her family had. 

During our initial meeting with Leanne, NPI was informed that not only was she experiencing things in her home, but also her daughter Tracy and Tracy’s boyfriend were having experiences. Her son did not seem to sense anything in the house (although we did catch some EVP in his bedroom).
For some reason, most of the reported activity seemed to be centered around Tracy’s room. Leanne is somewhat sensitive and feels Tracy might have inherited this trait and is worried that something might be hanging around Tracy. Leanne had a few psychics brought into her house, some who said there was a vortex in front of Tracy’s room. Leanne had also brought people in to bless the house, which was not successful. She eventually heard about our team and contacted us, in hopes we could find out what was going on.
Leanne told us that people would experience the feeling of being watched in Tracy’s room, and that objects would be moved around her room. Shadows are reported to be seen throughout the house, and also a general uneasiness. 

After our initial meeting, three members of NPI set out to investigate the home for the night. The hours went by fairly quietly, but in Tracy’s room, all three investigators had the feeling that one picture was causing apprehension and uncertainty. One of the investigators could feel a mental/psychical blockage in front of the door to Tracy’s bedroom. It was only later that she was told about the supposed vortex. Perhaps there really is something located there…but we could not confirm it.
During the course of the investigation, a shadow was seen in the kitchen three times, but was never caught on video and investigators were unable to either prove or debunk what had made the shadows, although they were able to determine that most outside sources could not have made them. 

Now, earlier it was mentioned that it was a fairly quiet night, but even though it seemed quiet, we did manage to pick up some EVP throughout the night. All was not as quiet as we thought…

The rest of the information on the investigation is confidential (this is just a brief recounting out of many hours of investigation and interviews with the Client), so we will leave you here with some audio clips.

Please check out the EVP below and let us know what you think. 

"Think Positive"

"Think Positive AMPLIFIED"



The Haunted Hatley Castle

The Haunted Hatley Castle

Located in the heart of picturesque Victoria, British Columbia, the Hatley Castle is a beautiful Victorian replica of a 15th century Edwardian castle built in 1908 by a wealthy rail baron named James Dunsmuir. At the time the castle was built, Dunsmuir was serving as the Premier and Lt Governor of British Columbia. Subsequently, the Hatley Castle hosted several of the area’s most elite and formal parties and high-society functions. 

Tragedy struck the Dunsmuir family a few years later when their son, James Jr., was killed in World War I while serving in the military. James died in 1920 and his wife, Laura, and daughter, Eleanor, lived at the estate until Laura died in 1937 – Eleanor passed away a mere six months later. 

In 1940, the castle was purchased and turned into the Royal Naval College of Canada, where some 600 volunteer reserve officers were trained. In the years since then, the training facility eventually became known as the Royal Roads Military College.
Since the academy’s inception back in 1940, there have been countless reports of apparitions and paranormal activity. The ghost of a woman, believed to be that of Laura Dunsmuir, has been seen lurking in dark corners and stairwells and warns young cadets that they may be subject to the same fate that her son was. The apparition of James Jr. has also been seen in his full military uniform, wandering around the lake near the Japanese Gardens on the property. Another ghost that haunts the old castle is Annabelle, a young servant girl who, after her love affair with a young trainee went sour during the early days of the academy, jumped to her death from a high window. 

Today, the academy is known as the Royal Roads University; though it may have changed hands and names throughout the years, stories still persist regarding the ghosts that haunt Hatley Castle.

Thanks Holly F. for finding this story at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NPI Meet & Greet - It's My Party Shop, Port Moody BC

Come join us on Saturday October 22, 2011 from 
9:30am to 5:00pm at
Its My Party Shop for a meet and greet with our team. 

We will have some EVP's, photos and video clips everyone can listen to and see,
and we will be able to show and explain some of our equipment we use on investigations. 

If you have any ghost questions you wish to ask us about, feel free.
We love to try and answer any question that comes at us. 

We also really would love to hear YOUR ghost stories!

So...hurry on down October the 22nd, we will be waiting for you!

2424 St. Johns Street
 Port Moody, BC
V3H 2B1

Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 9th Investigation - Review Meeting

Hello Everyone!

Well, the team met up yesterday to go over everything we had found on audio, video and photo and I am amazed what all we found. Well, let me tell sure was a strange day, but we powered through and got everything done that we needed to get done yesterday and I am glad it's Sunday. Now it's time to put everything together to present to the Client next weekend, and I am very excited to see how they will react. One day I hope we can share almost everything from that investigation with you.

I'll update you soon on what our next adventure was on August the 5th. We will be able to share the details of that neat investigation and I look forward to that!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Nikki Peterson
Co-Founder/Case Manager
Northern Paranormal Investigations

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coast Capitol Playhouse - White Rock, BC Canada


Following are some EVPs we recorded while investigating the White Rock Players Club in White Rock BC. This location appeared on the show "Creepy Canada", 2002 Season 1, Episode 5.

Here is what Creepy Canada had to say about this location:

"White Rock Players Club has been situated in White Rock, BC for 100 years and is considered one of the most prestigious amateur theater companies in Canada. The theater itself is also known as a ghostly character. It is widely though that Frank Johnson, one of the club's founding fathers, haunts the building. Upon his death, he requested that his ashes be placed under the stage. Since last wishes were carried out, reports of a mysterious figure wandering the building have been common. Actors on stage claim to see his ghostly figure int he wings during performances or looking down on them from the rigging above during rehearsals. Other specters have also been sighted. A womanly figure will appear dressed in Victorian costume only to disappear right before their eyes. They have also been known to move objects or appear in the mirrors of the dressing rooms. Actors have reported frightening encounters of ghosts passing them on the stairwells leading to the prop and wardrobe areas. Seemingly, these phantoms refuse to take curtain calls."

Now, a few other bits and bites that are floating around about the theater:

The building was originally a Jehovas Witness Kingdom Hall that was converted into the theater and fitted with a stage in 1960. In 2006, extensive renovations were done, in which the stage, backstage, prop room and dressing room were left nearly untouched. According to various articles online, no one is really sure if the theater is still haunted, but just you talk to the staff there! Most of them have personal stories to tell. Other reports of activity include hearing a woman sighing in the rafters, and various unexplained noises throughout the theater during rehearsals.

Our team showed up to the investigation, and were accompanied by a few staff of the theater the whole night. The hospitality they showed was amazing, the kind you wish you had on every investigation. (Yes, they had coffee!) We started the night out in the main theater, and worked our way around the large building as the clock ticked late into the night. During this time, we heard many odd things, a lot which we couldn't explain. Occasionally we would see things too, it was pretty neat to be in a fairly active place! Oh one other thing, shout out to Holly for making some really yummy cookies, they were superb!

Anyways, I can't recall anything too crazy happening during the investigation, but the feelings in that building were warm and friendly. (Yes, I am one of THOSE "sensitive people".) I really hope we get a chance to investigation there again, it was an amazing time, and we did catch some great EVP's, which I will share with everyone below.

I could go more into detail about what else people experience there, but its mostly noises in the wings, up on the cat walk, light switch turning off and on, apparitions, etc. Not to mention, blogging is not my forte. So.....

Thanks again to everyone from Coast Capitol Playhouse, you were very gracious hosts and wonderful clients, and we look forward to working with you all again one day. I would also like to say thanks most of all to the NPI team!


Nikki Peterson

Co-Founder & Case Manager


Twitter: nikki_npi


EVP are coming soon :)

Investigation Aug. 5th, 2011

I hope everyone has been having a great weekend! Just to let you know that our next investigation will be taking place on August the 5th! Hopefully we will be able to share the location and the results of our investigation. What I can tell you all right now is that this location is a heritage site.

The main house, was built in the 1920's and is home to apparently a lot of activity.
We look forward to finding out for ourselves if that is true or not!
On a personal note, my Dad used to know the owners of this place, before it became a heritage site, how cool is that!

Well, I will keep everyone informed about the investigation and whatever we are allowed to reveal.

Until then, stay to the light and take care!

Co-Founder/Case Manager
Twitter: nikki_npi

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Just to let you know, we are working on updated our website to give you lots of more fun stuff to view! In the meantime, please ignore any odd things you might see here. Once we are done, we will be able to share some of our investigation findings!
I am excited to see what the rest of summer brings, and am excited to share it all with you!

Thank you for your patience,

Nikki Peterson
Co-Founder/Case Manager
Personal Email:
Twitter: nikki_npi

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coffee Talk wtih Chip Coffey - Vancouver, BC

On November 15th, 2011 Chip Coffey will be returning to Vancouver for another "Coffee Talk".  

Doors 6:30PM - Show 7:30PM

I attended last year, and it was an amazing experience, and the venue used (Fairmont Hotel Vancouver) is fantasic.  As a sensitive, every time I enter the building, I can feel all the different energies roaming about. As for the 14th floor, I can't wait until the day I can spend the night there!

Get your tickets fast, before they run out!  And don't forget to upgrade to super VIP to watch Chip Coffey conduct an investigation in one of the "haunted" rooms. It is something one shouldn't miss, I know I won't.  I bought my ticket as soon as they went on sale! 

I hope to see you all there!

Nikki Peterson

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

N.P.I. on PIRradio

N.P.I. was on PIRradio May 23/2011
come check out our episode and enjoy. always feel free to send us any questions you may have. You can also visit us on FB under Northen Paranormal Investigations. We look forward to seeing or hearing form you soon.

Darryl Pearson

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Interested in joining a paranormal team?
We are currently seeking one more full time member to join our dedicated group.
The ideal candidate must have an interest in the paranormal, the ability to think
skeptically, be open, honest, trustworthy, and have the time to dedicate towards
the group. If you have any of the following skills, that is a bonus: website building,
audio or video knowledge, electrical, plumbing, general construction, psychology.
Only those under serious consideration at this time will be contacted for an interview. 
If interested, please email the following information to
General thoughts on the paranormal
General availability
Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!
Co-Founder / Case Manager

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beatty Street Drill Hall

Beatty Street Drill Hall

The Beatty Street Drill Hall is a Canadian Forces armoury, located at 620 Beatty Street in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is the home of The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) (RCAC), an armoured reconnaissance reserve, the oldest military unit in Vancouver, and the most senior militia in the province.

This beautiful and historic building was opened on 30th of September 1901, by the Duke of Cornwall (later King George V). With two large castle-like turrets, complete with battlements, two tanks and a 64-pounder gun, alongside the large white structure, Beatty Street Drill Hall has long been a Vancouver landmark and is listed as a class-A heritage building.

The walls are built three and a half feet thick, and the building rests on huge granite blocks. Limestone from Gabriola Island was used for the parapet. The Drill Hall includes a parade square, offices, and store rooms. It formerly contained a firing range and bowling alley as well. The Regimental Museum of the BC Regiment (DCO) is housed in the building, with displays dating back to 1883, including uniforms, weapons, medals, Nazi regalia, and a large collection of photographs documenting the regiment's (and the Drill Hall's) history. The museum was established in 1982 and is open to the public Thursday afternoons.

So as most can see from reading the above, this building is not only historic, but also very beautiful. But one thing you would not have read, is that the Drill Hall is reported to be haunted.

Some of the reports are of voices being heard when no one else is around, footsteps being heard through- out the Drill Hall—and one of the more startling events is the apparition, which some of the regiment have been heard to have seen. With the age of the Beatty St. Drill Hall and the history of the many wars, conflicts and actions, men and woman have not only been involved, but they died for it. It is a wonder that there aren’t more reports form this great historic Canadian building.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Phantom Woman of Hwy 1

The Phantom Woman of Hwy 1

Most ghost stories that have been passed down or whispered about, seem to happen and end with a degree of fright, but mostly wonder. Most that is, however, causes a person to believe that there is terrifying things that choose to show them selves every once in a while.

The story of John and Janice Bradley is one of these stories. It happened somewhere between Spence’s Bridge and Cache Creek along Hwy 1 in BC. This instance happened quite late at night along Hwy 1, and was something nightmares are made of.

Running into a figure walking along a road is not uncommon. But to run into someone in the middle of the night along a lonely stretch of road when no one else around is another. It is said that what the couple stopped to help a woman. But on closer inspection, they described this being as inhuman with a slit for a mouth and eyes of complete black that held no life within them.

So I must say that if you ever find yourself driving along Hwy 1 late at night and you are in the same area, be careful. If you see a lone woman walking were no one should be, think carefully before you decide to stop and offer help. You may find a terror that you may never forget.

Thanks to Robert C. Belyk for this information. Please check out the full story of this tale in his book, Ghosts II. More True Stories from British Columbia.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trethewey House

Trethewey House

This beautiful heritage home built in the 1920’s is located in the Mill Lake area of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. The home is very well known not only for its craftsmanship: sophisticated wooden detailing and its wonderfully detailed interior. It's also for the family, which built this structure and lived within it.

Mr. Joseph Ogle Trethewey, the proprietor of the Abbotsford Lumber Company & Mill, which was a major employer in the area and instrumental in the early development of the Abbotsford area built the home in 1920. Mr. Trethewey only lived in the home until his death in 1928.

The home was announced as a heritage site in 1983 and through the hard work of countless people, it was restored to it's original grandeur. The home is still used today to show the public the history of Abbotsford and the surrounding area.

Now while the home is beautiful to look at and walk through, it does have a bit of a spooky side to it as well. The staff and some visitors will tell those who ask that they are sure the home is quite haunted.

It has been told that a woman died in one of the guest bedrooms a long time ago, and is believed to still be hanging around. It is said that there have been pictures taken that shows what appears to be an apparition, lights turning on in the upper level of the house when no one is there and doors opening all by them self.

People who have toured the home, have been heard to say at times that they have felt as though someone else was in a room with them, when they know there wasn't anyone else around. The staff has said they believe it is a ghost, but for them it seems to be a friendly one.

Take a trip sometime and check this home out. Who knows, maybe you might feel something watching you while you look around.

Thanks to the MSA Museum & the Abbotsford times for this information.

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