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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Residential Investigation - February 18, 2012

Tonight we are investigating at a residential property and it is looking to be quite interesting and perhaps bringing us into new "paranormal" territory.  We will be traveling to Burnaby, to an area we have not investigated yet.  Attending will be Darryl, Connie, Lisa, Steve and myself.  Steve is putting his birthday plans (HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE) on hold to attend.  Ken and Holly will not be there, but will be missed!

Wishing everyone a safe and wondeful evening!

~Nikki Peterson
Co-Founder/Case Manager
Northern Paranormal Investigations
Twitter: nikki_npi

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekend Invesitgation!

Great news for this weekend! Vancouver Paranormal Society has invited Northern Paranormal Investigations along on another investigation!  This weekend, we will be spend two nights investigating a residential situation which has the potential to be very VERY interesting. Situatued in Harrison Hot Springs, our time spent not investigating is sure to be wonderful!  Overall, it should be a great weekend and for one am ready to get going in the morning for a mini road-trip to Harrison.