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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

News Update

Just to update everyone on a few things:
  • Northern Paranormal Investigations is now a TAPS Family Member.  We look forward to the new adventures, new friends, new ideas, etc. that this will bring.  Please feel free to check out the TAPS Family website here.
  • NPI has been very busy with cases at historic locations throughout BC with more to come, and I look forward to sharing more detail as we are allowed.
  • The other weekend, I went along with Peter and another member from Vancouver Paranormal Society, also joined by Cathy from Edmonton Paranormal Society (both fellow TAPS Family Member Teams) to the Maritime Museum in Victoria. Vancouver Paranormal Society had set up a wonderful private investigation at this location and we are much appreciative for the invite. Many thanks to Christina at the museum for hosting us that night. It was of course, an epic night. And again, thank you Peter! 
  • We are in the beginning stages of getting ready for COLDCON in November, so please keep an eye out for more information on that.
  • We are also in the beginning stages of some Halloween presentations we will be doing at an as-yet undisclosed location.  We will provide more information as soon as we can.
I think that covers most of it for now, if shall see my typing soon enough. 

Happy Haunts!

Co-Founder/Case Manager

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Historic Investigation - July 19, 2014

Well, getting all our gear ready for tonight's investigation.  This will be the first time this historic location is investigated for paranormal occurrences.  We might get nothing, or we might capture some pieces of history. 
This location is large and the history behind it is so interesting.  At this time we can't share the details/location/history etc., but hope to be able to do so in a few months.
I purchased some new equipment recently and had great success with it at the last investigation I was at (will post about that one soon).  I can't wait to try it out again tonight, if the atmosphere allows it.  Sometimes, certain types of equipment just aren't able to be used in certain locations.  For example, if you investigation a location that has high EMF due to the make-up of the place (equipment, wiring, compounds etc), then an EMF meter/detector/trigger object/etc. will be completely useless and other equipment will need to be used instead.
I will also update in a couple days how our investigation went, even if nothing happens.  So stay tuned for that and other news/happenings/ramblings. 
Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Nikki Peterson
Co-Founder/Case Manager
Northern Paranormal Investigations
TAPS Family Member - Victoria