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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Residential Investigation

Residential Investigation

Following is a brief account of one of our private residential investigations. Client names have been changed to protect their identity. 

With residential investigations a group just never really knows what they are going to run into. The Client had a lot of information on the history of the site, and explained to us the personal experiences her and her family had. 

During our initial meeting with Leanne, NPI was informed that not only was she experiencing things in her home, but also her daughter Tracy and Tracy’s boyfriend were having experiences. Her son did not seem to sense anything in the house (although we did catch some EVP in his bedroom).
For some reason, most of the reported activity seemed to be centered around Tracy’s room. Leanne is somewhat sensitive and feels Tracy might have inherited this trait and is worried that something might be hanging around Tracy. Leanne had a few psychics brought into her house, some who said there was a vortex in front of Tracy’s room. Leanne had also brought people in to bless the house, which was not successful. She eventually heard about our team and contacted us, in hopes we could find out what was going on.
Leanne told us that people would experience the feeling of being watched in Tracy’s room, and that objects would be moved around her room. Shadows are reported to be seen throughout the house, and also a general uneasiness. 

After our initial meeting, three members of NPI set out to investigate the home for the night. The hours went by fairly quietly, but in Tracy’s room, all three investigators had the feeling that one picture was causing apprehension and uncertainty. One of the investigators could feel a mental/psychical blockage in front of the door to Tracy’s bedroom. It was only later that she was told about the supposed vortex. Perhaps there really is something located there…but we could not confirm it.
During the course of the investigation, a shadow was seen in the kitchen three times, but was never caught on video and investigators were unable to either prove or debunk what had made the shadows, although they were able to determine that most outside sources could not have made them. 

Now, earlier it was mentioned that it was a fairly quiet night, but even though it seemed quiet, we did manage to pick up some EVP throughout the night. All was not as quiet as we thought…

The rest of the information on the investigation is confidential (this is just a brief recounting out of many hours of investigation and interviews with the Client), so we will leave you here with some audio clips.

Please check out the EVP below and let us know what you think. 

"Think Positive"

"Think Positive AMPLIFIED"



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