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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Phantom Woman of Hwy 1

The Phantom Woman of Hwy 1

Most ghost stories that have been passed down or whispered about, seem to happen and end with a degree of fright, but mostly wonder. Most that is, however, causes a person to believe that there is terrifying things that choose to show them selves every once in a while.

The story of John and Janice Bradley is one of these stories. It happened somewhere between Spence’s Bridge and Cache Creek along Hwy 1 in BC. This instance happened quite late at night along Hwy 1, and was something nightmares are made of.

Running into a figure walking along a road is not uncommon. But to run into someone in the middle of the night along a lonely stretch of road when no one else around is another. It is said that what the couple stopped to help a woman. But on closer inspection, they described this being as inhuman with a slit for a mouth and eyes of complete black that held no life within them.

So I must say that if you ever find yourself driving along Hwy 1 late at night and you are in the same area, be careful. If you see a lone woman walking were no one should be, think carefully before you decide to stop and offer help. You may find a terror that you may never forget.

Thanks to Robert C. Belyk for this information. Please check out the full story of this tale in his book, Ghosts II. More True Stories from British Columbia.

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