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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Irving House, And The Captain

The Irving House

The Irving house is located in New Westminster, BC.

It’s a historic home with a very interesting past. The home was built in 1865, and lived in by Captain Irving and his family for many years. It remained in the Irving family up until about 1950, when it was sold to the city of New Westminster.

If someone takes a tour of this home, one would find a rich history running back to the Alaska and BC gold-rush era; everything from the past lives of Captain Irving and his family, to the architecture, furniture and pieces displayed for viewing.

From what is said, it’s one of the oldest homes in the Lower Mainland area. And it also comes with a secondary history, not as well known or reported; of this house being haunted.

Some of these reports include unexplained noises, the walls in the main dining room seeming to shiver, a voice asking for a name to be said—and that’s just the main room area.

It is said that when people walk up stairs, there are a few trophies on the walls, and if looked upon sometimes seem to be watching you. Some people have been heard to say that they have seen them turn to follow them.

There is also the story told by some, of seeing an indentation in the mattress, located in the master bedroom of what some feel is Capt. Irving himself, whom had passed away in that very bed.

I can say that this is a fantastic home to visit whether you believe in this part of the history or not. Take a look—and watch the trophies.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I used to live a block or 2 away from this house and would walk past every night after work at about 1130 pm.

Too many times, I would walk past and notice some abnormal activity for a museum that was apparently closed and occupantless at that time of night..

Often, it would be things like, a window curtain looking as if someone had just let it drop, as I turned to look... I would see the curtain drop then sway a little and come to rest, as if someone had been watching me but didn't want to be seen when I had noticed them, and hid/turned away.

Or, I could feel people watching me, usually from a certain window, but not always the same one. Mostly female, but sometimes male.

Orrrr, it would appear as if a curtain was blowing in the wind, although the window was closed and it was winter so no need for a fan, etc.

Eventually, I convinced my boyfriend that I was sure there was a presence and that we needed to do the tour to see what was up, to see if there was anything to my thoughts/feelings/experiences of the place..

We had a great tour, although nothing much out of the ordinary, until we came to the last room.. and that's where the tour guide let slip that people had felt there was some sort of presence there. The 'smoking room'.

The room was largely roped off, as museums are, but when the woman told me more of the family's story, and that others had felt a presence there, I asked her if I could please look out the window past the rope.. She allowed it, and. It was the window from which I'd seen the most activity on my walks.

Story was: it was originally the smoking room, a room in which traditionally only men were welcomed. But, after the captain's death, 2 of the sisters had taken over/lived in the house and made it their own.

I mentioned my experiences to the guide, and she went on to tell me that they'd actually had paranormal 'researchers' there.. and that, in that room, they'd found the presence of a male sitting in the chairs, with the women across the room, and him being very much perterbed/upset that females had infiltrated 'his'/'the men's' room...

I felt absolutely vindicated.. and my boyfriend was shocked and terrified....probably more so that I had known all along. Ha.

This place is real. Absolutely.