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Friday, September 8, 2017

 Past investigatios at VPM

Hi I am Darryl Pearson the founder of NPI In the last few years myself and fellow NPI members have had the pleasure of looking into one of the coolest places in the lower mainland of BC. This is not only historic in nature but also tied tightly to the best and worst parts on history when it comes to Vancouver.

Now you may ask "The worst". Yes and I can say this because the location I refer to is the Vancouver Police Museum. So you can understand that in certain ways some of the best but also the worst cases, Deaths and crimes have passed through the doors of this location.

NPI has wondered the halls and rooms of the V.P.M a few times and in that time we have experienced, heard, felt and seen more then a few oddities. Are they paranormal or was it just us? This question racked our minds for a while after our first investigation. However these questions only lasted a few days upon review of our recordings and videos taken that night.

We all sat for hours glued to our head phones and computers watching and listening for that small bit of possible evidence. It was not long before we sat in stunned silence looking at each other wondering which was going to be the first person the say "what the hell was that" ?
Yes we had discovered what we thought might happen and that was activity did exists. But we definitely were not ready for some of the things we heard.

Now NPI is moving into another investigation at the V.P.M. and even though we now have an idea of what seems to be there. We are still excited to learn more and get that evidence that we can tie into history.

The Vancouver Police Museum is a great place to visit and they have lots of awesome things to do for both the young and old. They are none profit and always welcome a small donation when visiting. Oh and one small thing to be aware of. When you visit and happen to wonder into the autopsy room. listen carefully you just may hear the pitter patter of bare feet on the tile floor. We did :)

Darryl Pearson

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