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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Residential Investigation - Fraser Valley

One of our favourite investigations was at a house somewhere in the Fraser Valley.

First, a little background: It was a two-storey house occupied by a couple and their three children.  They reported hearing footsteps and seeing a shadow figure moving down the hallway.  The wife had sometimes felt as though someone had sat down on the bed.  On another occasion, she had heard someone say "Mom", and she turned, expecting to see one of her children, but nobody was there.  She and her friend had both seen something about the size of a child "whiz" by the kitchen door one evening.  The husband is a religious man who did not believe in ghosts, until one day when he came home and saw a young girl standing at the top of the stairs. A girl had also been seen  by the exchange student as well as by another houseguest.

Six of us arrived at the home to investigate.  The children were away for the weekend and the homeowners went out for the evening, leaving us alone in the house.  Three investigators were seated upstairs in the kitchen.  Directly in front of them through the open doorway was the top of the staircase where the girl had been seen, and the hallway going left and right, where the shadow figure had been seen.  I and two other investigators were situated in a room downstairs with the door closed.  We had been asking questions for awhile when all of a sudden we heard simultaneously, a very loud crash and a screen from Nikki.  It sounded as though she had fallen on the stairs.  As it turned out, that was not what happened at all. In fact, while we were downstairs, Nikki in the kitchen had been asking questions when suddenly the sensor equipment at the top of the stairs went off and the loud crash was heard; hence the startled scream we heard while downstairs. 

We looked all around, trying to find what could have caused the loud crash.  Could something had fallen over? Maybe something heavy fell off the wall?  We found nothing amiss.  We considered every possible scenario that might have been an explanation for what we heard.  Maybe someone had pounded on the front door. We resumed our original positions while one investigator went outside and pounded on the front door.  That wasn't it.  He then came back inside and pounded on the stairs.  That confirmed for us that the crash we heard had indeed come from the stairs, but we have no idea what caused it.  It remains to this day, an unexplained and very impressive occurrence.

Case Manager, Fraser Valley

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Anonymous said...

There is a light that shoots across the screen. Entering from the left side of the hallway that enters the room on the video between frame -10 & -11. Right after that there is a noise that seemed to come from the room where the camera was. Interesting.....often times evil displays as a small young girl