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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spooky Photos!

Well, since Halloween is near, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share some photos I have seen around the 'web that give us that haunted spooky feeling when we see them.  Most of these are taken by "Urban Exploreres" and then edited to make them look even creepier/spookier/hauntier (yes I like to make words up). 

1. Abandoned Cinema, by Dennis Gerbeckx
2. Abandoned Villa, by Niki Feijen
3. British Mansion, by Andre Govia
4. British Mansion, by Andre Govia
5. MAV 242 Steam Train in Hungary, by Rebecca Litchfield
6. Central Power Station in Bromborough, by George Toohey
 7. Military Rocket Factory in Russia, by Lana Sator

8. Manor Bedroom "Bed of Princes", by David Pinzer

9. Church of the Nine Ghosts in Lukova Czech Republic, Artist Jakub Hadrav, by Celine Hu

10. Stairway to Hell in Hashima,by Jordy Theiller

11. Sattler Theater, by Chris Luckhardt

12. Psychiatric Facility Cafeteria, by Gary Heller

13. Villa de Vecchi, by Jeff Kerwin

14. Crossroads of the Dead in Paris Catacombs, by Michael Gakuran

15. Chapel, by Keikmal

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