Friday, November 26, 2010

Fleetwood Elementary School, And The Teacher's Ghost

Fleetwood Elementary School

For those of you who thought the New Westminster School was interesting, Fleetwood Elementary School is another for the haunted collection.

It is said that not only are there cold spots and orbs often seen in this more-then sixty-year-old building, but doors open and close as well.

Now orbs and cold spots, some may say “oh, that’s nothing.” But then you hear after that there is a ghost seen in the basement area of the school, and that it could be the ghost of a teacher. You might think twice before wondering about its empty halls and taking the chance of being touched.

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Anonymous said...

i met a janitorial worker who works at Fleetwood Elementary School and was telling me about this ghost male teacher who walks all over the school at night time when they're cleaning the school.My kids went to this school....According to my kids, the toilet flushes by itself or chairs will be falling the basement washroom beside the boys and girls washroom.

Anonymous said...

I went to this school in the 80's, never saw anything paranormal but it always had a creepy vibe.