Friday, September 8, 2017

 Past investigatios at VPM

Hi I am Darryl Pearson the founder of NPI In the last few years myself and fellow NPI members have had the pleasure of looking into one of the coolest places in the lower mainland of BC. This is not only historic in nature but also tied tightly to the best and worst parts on history when it comes to Vancouver.

Now you may ask "The worst". Yes and I can say this because the location I refer to is the Vancouver Police Museum. So you can understand that in certain ways some of the best but also the worst cases, Deaths and crimes have passed through the doors of this location.

NPI has wondered the halls and rooms of the V.P.M a few times and in that time we have experienced, heard, felt and seen more then a few oddities. Are they paranormal or was it just us? This question racked our minds for a while after our first investigation. However these questions only lasted a few days upon review of our recordings and videos taken that night.

We all sat for hours glued to our head phones and computers watching and listening for that small bit of possible evidence. It was not long before we sat in stunned silence looking at each other wondering which was going to be the first person the say "what the hell was that" ?
Yes we had discovered what we thought might happen and that was activity did exists. But we definitely were not ready for some of the things we heard.

Now NPI is moving into another investigation at the V.P.M. and even though we now have an idea of what seems to be there. We are still excited to learn more and get that evidence that we can tie into history.

The Vancouver Police Museum is a great place to visit and they have lots of awesome things to do for both the young and old. They are none profit and always welcome a small donation when visiting. Oh and one small thing to be aware of. When you visit and happen to wonder into the autopsy room. listen carefully you just may hear the pitter patter of bare feet on the tile floor. We did :)

Darryl Pearson

Vancouver Police Museum

The Vancouver Police Museum is a fascinating part of Vancouver's history and one of the favourite investigation locations of NPI. This beautiful building dates back to 1932 and is designated an official Vancouver Heritage Building. It was once used as a hospital in 1935 during the Battle of the Ballantyne Pier. It also served as the Coroner’s Court and autopsy facility (until 1980) and the City Analyst’s laboratory (until 1996). 

Inside the museum is a wide array of exhibits, including those that explore the foundations of Vancouver's police force, and its current-day initiatives, such as gang control. 

One of the most popular attractions is the original Coroner's Court morgue and autopsy facility. This historical setting also plays host to "True Crimes" which goes beyond the headlines to highlight the scientific and investigative techniques used to solve some of Vancouver’s most chilling crimes; an exciting display featuring real evidence and artefacts from several of Vancouver's high-profile cases such as the Castellani Milkshake Murder and Errol Flynn’s autopsy.

To date, the museum staff have curated a selection of approximately 20,000 historical artefacts, including confiscated weapons, counterfeit currency, photographs, paperwork, and vintage police vehicles. Currently, 40 percent of the collection is on display in the museum’s several exhibits.

The museum also offers educational programs such as walking tours and a two-hour forensic-science program. During this program, guests scour a faux crime scene for clues and try to prevent the brash, young rookie cop from running off into the night to find the perpetrator.
There are also many other fun activities to enjoy, such as criminal artist sketching stations and educational video games. 

For history buffs and crime buffs alike, The Vancouver Police Museum is well worth a visit.

Case Manager

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Which is better? 

 So recently I have read a few write ups on experts in the paranormal field. Now I for one must agree that there are no experts in our field. How ever there are people that have a great deal more experience, through many years investigating and researching the paranormal realm. Even these people are buy no means experts but they do have a learned knowledge gained over time. Thus, these people are always great to listen to and learn from.

 There are some that claim to be experts and of course do events and charge money for said events which is fine if in fact they do things ethically and honestly. But as we all know the ethics and honesty sometimes wains when fame and fortune set in. When this happens, these “experts” do more harm then good and that is a loss. This affects not only the paranormal community but the people that believe them due to their standing.
But these experts come and go over & over again and people soon learn who to trust and who not to. Sometimes this takes to long time to see but it happens. Just be aware of what you hear and know there are no absolutes in the paranormal realm.

 Now there is one other Item I wish to address. That is the claim that some groups are scientific and some are spiritual and the scientific approach is the correct one. Please be aware that there is not one way that has proven to be better then any other as of this time and year.

Teams that claim to be spiritual and use nothing but their own feeling are probably not you best team to get a proper investigation done by. But to have sensitives on board never hurts and at times have found they can guide an invest in directions that have lead to some incredible findings.

BUT teams that claim to be all scientific and say they only use proven scientific approaches to there invests are also not the ideal team to be investigated by. Being that there are no known scientifically proven methods to say these are the absolute ways to prove or disprove the existence of spirits or ghosts. Of course, these groups can and do supply some great methods using instruments and technology to help show that a lot of unexplained events are explainable.

 So now we are left with which is the correct team to go with?  Over time I have discovered that a combination of these two seem to work well. In all there are great teams all over the world. Teams that are not stuck on one format or the other is one I would recommend. After all are goal is to supply any location or client with the best possible evidence and or answers to their questions and concerns. But once again there is no absolutes in this field so always try to maintain an open mind. And good luck.

Darryl Pearson
Northern Paranormal Investigations

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Residential Investigation - Fraser Valley

One of our favourite investigations was at a house somewhere in the Fraser Valley.

First, a little background: It was a two-storey house occupied by a couple and their three children.  They reported hearing footsteps and seeing a shadow figure moving down the hallway.  The wife had sometimes felt as though someone had sat down on the bed.  On another occasion, she had heard someone say "Mom", and she turned, expecting to see one of her children, but nobody was there.  She and her friend had both seen something about the size of a child "whiz" by the kitchen door one evening.  The husband is a religious man who did not believe in ghosts, until one day when he came home and saw a young girl standing at the top of the stairs. A girl had also been seen  by the exchange student as well as by another houseguest.

Six of us arrived at the home to investigate.  The children were away for the weekend and the homeowners went out for the evening, leaving us alone in the house.  Three investigators were seated upstairs in the kitchen.  Directly in front of them through the open doorway was the top of the staircase where the girl had been seen, and the hallway going left and right, where the shadow figure had been seen.  I and two other investigators were situated in a room downstairs with the door closed.  We had been asking questions for awhile when all of a sudden we heard simultaneously, a very loud crash and a screen from Nikki.  It sounded as though she had fallen on the stairs.  As it turned out, that was not what happened at all. In fact, while we were downstairs, Nikki in the kitchen had been asking questions when suddenly the sensor equipment at the top of the stairs went off and the loud crash was heard; hence the startled scream we heard while downstairs. 

We looked all around, trying to find what could have caused the loud crash.  Could something had fallen over? Maybe something heavy fell off the wall?  We found nothing amiss.  We considered every possible scenario that might have been an explanation for what we heard.  Maybe someone had pounded on the front door. We resumed our original positions while one investigator went outside and pounded on the front door.  That wasn't it.  He then came back inside and pounded on the stairs.  That confirmed for us that the crash we heard had indeed come from the stairs, but we have no idea what caused it.  It remains to this day, an unexplained and very impressive occurrence.

Case Manager, Fraser Valley

Sunday, March 12, 2017

My First Investigation - By Darryl P.

My First Investigation

Hello all I am Darryl Pearson, founder of Northern Paranormal Investigations (NPI).  I have been in the paranormal field going on 8 years and through out that time I have experienced a few things I can’t explain.
On my very first investigation I was asked to attend a residential home in South Surrey BC. The family that called had all kinds of activity happening in their home. This was affecting both the mother and daughter of the family. The husband/father seemed to either not be affected or just refused to acknowledge it.
Some of the reports included shadow figures, bangs, footstep sounds, voices, objects going missing, and full apparitions of what appeared to be a male figure. The home was a two-level single family dwelling with 4 people residing within. We conducted the investigation on a comfortable summer evening with the mother and daughter home.
Attending the investigation were 4 investigators and the 2 family members. We arrived around 7 pm and upon entry to the location I noted something in the upper hall above the entry way. Now, just to let everyone know and not to confuse anyone, I am a sensitive.
I guess I should explain that some before I continue. I have discovered a while ago that I had the ability to notice things that seemed to be outside the normal realm of things. I will talk about this another time.
So, back at the investigation, we set about talking to the client and listened to them describe all their claims. After our conversion, we set about conducting the investigation. With cameras, recorders, meters, and ourselves set up, we started.
Myself and one other team member went to the spare bedroom and we were in the middle of asking questions when I noted a shadow figure cross the open door into the bathroom area just off the bedroom. Now, being that the bathroom area was dark, I almost thought it was my eyes playing tricks. But the shadow was darker than the room was, and the window in the bathroom was closed, no light coming in. It made for an interesting start to the investigation considering what I had, or thought I had, seen in the entry way earlier.
As the night progressed we moved from room to room aiming to see what would happen. After a few hours, all 4 of us ended up in the main bedroom. This area was reported as one of the more active areas in the home, the one area that has affected the mother more then anywhere else.
After about 20 minutes of asking questions, I had the feeling of being watched from the bathroom area of that room. This was not the same bathroom I mentioned earlier. Yet it seems in this house these were the areas that something had decided to call home.
Just after that feeling I heard what I can only describe as a voice saying something. It was one word which led me to say to the others that there was something in the bathroom area.
The rest of the night went quiet and uneventful, and we left the home and residents with positive thoughts and feelings.
I went home very excited to review my recordings from that night. Upon going through them, I came across one that blew my mind. The following EVP was captured in the main bedroom, right at the time I had mentioned the voice to the other people in the room. Even today I still find this EVP very cool.

Listen to the very top EVP called "Bathroom"
So, I was left with a feeling of excitement after my very first investigation and have been involved in the field ever since.
Oh, and there is an update to the investigation. Remember I said I was a sensitive? Well a few weeks after the investigation I was at work and had a sudden feeling wash over me that something was wrong. I talked to someone about this feeling and said I felt it was connected to the residents. I was then told the mother had ended up in the hospital a day earlier. Was that the spirit that I had seen there that informed me? The other question, was it the shadow figure that put the woman in the hospital? To date I have not heard back from them, but I can say I will never forget my first investigation.

Darryl Pearson
Northern Paranormal Investigations
TAPS Family Member

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery - Paranormal Evening at the Cannery

On Saturday October 22, 2016, join Northern Paranormal Investigations) at the Cannery for an after-hours presentation from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. 

Built in 1894, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery is one of a handful of remaining canneries on the Coast of British Columbia, and was once the largest cannery in British Columbia. Known as the Monster Cannery, the buildings hold the history of the people who worked and lived on-site.

Northern Paranormal Investigations has conducted some over night investigations of all the nooks and crannies of the site and will share our findings with the public on October 22, 2016.  This two-hour program will include a guided tour of some of the behind-the-scene areas that were investigated, and a presentation and discussion of the group's findings.

This program is suitable for adults and youths ages 16+.  Dress warmly.  The presenation will be in the heated theatre, but the guided tour portion of the program will be in the unheated cannery main buildings.

Tickets are $10 each (Or $6, if purchased with a Hallowe'en ticket, via phone or front desk). Tickets can be pre-purchased here, or by phone 604-664-9009, or in person at the Cannery Front Desk.  All proceeds go directly towards the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society.

Check out the Gulf of Georgia Cannery website for this and other exciting events.

We look forward to seeing you there! 


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Autistic Kids Are Magnets For Ghosts

I just read an interesting article from Psychology Today by Deborah Schurman-Kauflin Ph.D. and thought I would share with all of you.
Hope you enjoy, please give us your thoughts/opinions on the subject!

Click here for article on Psychology Today's Website: Autistic Kids Are Magnets for Ghosts

Autistic Kids Are Magnets For Ghosts
      Deborah Schurman-Kauflin Ph.D.
      Criminal profiler and expert on serial crimes

They are special, no doubt about that. They have their own ways of seeing the world and communicating. And though it can be trying at times, having an autistic child can make your heart grow. These children have so many gifts and can teach us patience. But they have other abilities as well. Autistic children are magnets for spirit activity.

If you have one of these special children, you may have noticed that things happen around your house. No, I’m not talking about the normal things in a child filled home. I’m talking about unusual things. Ghostly things. Things that go bump in the night.

It would appear as if unseen beings like autistic children. Because they process information and see the world differently, autistic children are more likely to see strange things. They often witness activities way before anyone else in the home. They are more sensitive to nuances, and they cannot lie. So when they look at the ceiling and react as if someone is talking to them, then you know you are dealing with truth. They really are seeing and hearing something. Naturally, you shouldn’t assume it is a ghost when such a thing happens. You must always consider the possibility of hallucination. Medications or mental illness certainly can have that effect. However, when others see and hear the same things, then you have to consider other possibilities.

Take Melissa for example. Melissa is a single mom to 12 year old autistic Daniel. From the time he was little, Daniel would look up at the ceiling and react to some invisible being. As he got older, Daniel would draw pictures of an old man in a cowboy hat and say things like ‘he here.’ He’d point to the picture, then at the ceiling. With time, Melissa became worried about her son’s mental health and took him to a neurologist who found nothing wrong but referred Daniel to a psychiatrist. Though Daniel showed no other signs of psychosis other than seemingly seeing something in the home, the psychiatrist said Daniel was psychotic. This was a real blow, and Melissa was devastated.

Yet, Daniel wasn’t the only family member to see the old cowboy. Even though Melissa hadn’t seen him, her mother had. And Daniel’s nine year old brother had seen and heard the man as well. It wasn’t until a neighbor saw the cowboy that Melissa began to believe there was more at work than a psychosis.

Living in Texas, it wasn’t a stretch that you might see an apparition of a cowboy. And Melissa began asking questions about the area where her family lived. She never did find out if anyone had died on the property, but after asking around, she found there were other people in the neighborhood who had had strange things happening in their homes too. They talked about things moving on their own. Doors slammed when the windows were closed. Melissa is convinced that her family has contact with the paranormal. She is very angry that her son was labeled as psychotic when he clearly was not. Since coming to terms with it, Melissa said the activity lessened.

Something went on in her home. Whether paranormal or not, her son saw something unusual before anyone else did. Was it his autism that allowed him to do so?

Another case involved Billie and her husband Ray. Billie and Ray were at their wit’s end when their autistic daughter claimed to see people who weren’t there. Naturally they were terrified of bringing her to a mental health professional for fear of having their daughter hit with a label. They took their concerns to their primary doctor who told them that it likely wasn’t schizophrenia and that they should not fear seeing a psychologist. Reluctantly they took Elle to a psychologist. Thankfully, this professional was not the type to jump to conclusions and didn’t find evidence of schizophrenia or psychosis. She did say that Elle was very imaginative and it was likely the product of an overactive imagination. Elle was given a clean bill of health, but the family was confused. Elle really believed what she saw. It seemed like more than just imagination.

Maybe it was their apartment, they thought. Maybe being there was too noisy. There was constant traffic and construction. Their lease was coming due anyway, so they decided to move. A change of scenery could help, they thought. But it seems that the spirit wanted to hitch a ride along with them because Elle didn’t let up in her behavior after the move, and neither did the spirit. In fact, now it wasn’t only Elle who experienced the vision of the Asian man. Billie began dreaming of him. Her husband Ray had the feeling of being touched when he was in bed. Things rearranged themselves in the home.

What was going on? Billie had a friend who knew someone who was psychic. After all the family had gone through, she figured she’d give that a shot. She asked if the psychic could help, and the psychic agreed to do remote viewing of the home. Without telling the woman anything, Billie was shocked when the psychic talked about an Asian man who had been killed in a robbery. She said the man was named Ron and had followed Elle home when he saw her. She said the man meant no harm. He simply wanted to be seen and heard. The psychic told Billie that if she spoke to Ron and told him that he was scaring them that he would go away. Reluctantly, Billie took an afternoon when everyone was out of the home and had a ‘talk’ with Ron. She told him he was scaring them and that they wanted him to leave. Billie reported that she heard a loud bang after she told Ron to leave. Was it the neighbors? She wasn’t sure. However, after her ‘talk,’ the activity in the home decreased. Though Ron didn’t leave, he did tone it down, enough that the family could deal with him being there.

Many, many people with Autistic children seem to experience the paranormal. In some cases it is simply a matter of a bad medicine reaction. Once the medication was changed, then the ‘ghost’ disappeared. However, there are other cases where family members see and hear things as well. If you have had this happen, then you should know you are not alone. It is not unusual. But this can add so much stress to an already stressful situation. How can a family cope with strange happenings on top of dealing with a special child? First and foremost, if you have this happening, take a deep breath before doing anything. Don’t jump to conclusions. If your child seems to be interacting with something that you cannot see, don’t automatically assume that it is paranormal. Always look for a physical or psychological cause for any unusual behavior. Check with doctors and check medicines. Always take care of your child’s physical and mental health
At the same time, if you have ruled out other options and more than one person in your home is having strange experiences, you may want to consider the possibility that something else is going on. There are so many wonders in this world, and we will never know everything. There are honest to goodness hauntings that do occur. Some can be explained; some cannot be explained. There are ghostly occurrences that may scare you, while others are helpful and comforting. Just know that your child is more special than you even knew! And if you are one of the parents living with a child who is different from others, please understand that you are special too. You must have a wonderful heart to have been given the chance to have a unique child.

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D. is a practicing psychic medium and a retired criminal profiler who has studied and investigated serial killers for more than 20 years. She has interviewed serial killers and mass murderers and consulted on hundreds of serial cases for police departments. She has trained thousands of FBI agents, detectives, Attorney General Investigators and others. She has consulted with elected officials, and her research has appeared in the U.S. Congressional Report. Dr. Schurman-Kauflin is the author of 3 profiling books and numerous articles. She is the author of profiles for female serial killers, sadistic killers, and terrorists. In 2000, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin was asked to prepare a profile of the unsolved BTK serial killer case. This was published by Court TV, and in 2004, Dennis Rader sent a copy of Dr. Schurman-Kauflin's profile of him to police prior to his capture. He had renamed her profile "Hits" because it described him so accurately. She predicted the Mumbai India terror attacks in 2008 and 2011. Additionally, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin has appeared as an expert on the Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, Seoul Broadcasting Network, Fox News, ABC, CNN, and many radio programs. Her most recent book "Is There a Ghost in Your House?" was released March 2014. It is available on