Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hi everyone I have been a tad late on responding to some of the comments left for us on the posts we have made. First off the New Westminster School post. We have recieved a notable responce that the story that was posted was not real or correct.

We thank you for letting us know that it seems to be just a story and yes that may be true. But we also post ghost stories that are just that ghost stories. Its seems we have upset a few people and we appoligize for that.

We also noted the responce to the chinlac murder site. apperently this was spelt wrong. But once again it was just a ghost story we heard of and shared. So first off the spelling as we have been told is Chun-lac. We would again like to learn more.

NPI will be looking into these further very soon. while we do Please send us your write up on how thes tails might have happend and how it has become what it has.

You can send them to the following and we will post it on our blog thanks.

Darryl Pearson

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