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Friday, June 13, 2014

Road Trip Investigation!

Last weekend, we travelled to Kamloops for a very interesting investigation.  For now, the location is a secret but hopefully in time we will be allowed to share. 
Kamloops welcomed us with open arms, and it was such a treasure to be there.  Of course, as soon as we arrived, it was off to Tranquille (and boy did we take the scenic route and almost end up in a movie!) Anyways, who goes to Kamloops looking for ghosts and doesn't stop there?  For those who do not know about Tranquille, here are a couple great sites to peruse:
Here is a site that has AMAZING photos:
Here are a couple photos I took while there (mobile phone, bad quality photos, etc etc)!   (the post continues after the photos)....
Anyways, after our walk down the road between Tranquille Sanatorium site and the river (always making sure we were in the areas allowed, never trespassing), we headed back to the hotel for some ghost talk amongst our team and guest investigators from Coldspotters (thanks Calvin, Amanda and Marlene for joining us).  Much fun was had, and it was time to rest up for our big day. 
Next day. We wake, run around town exploring, get ready for the investigation, head to site and BOOM! Action starts. We set up our equipment, we do all our base readings and base photos.  We get the complete tour done.  We hear stories, experiences. We are......drawn in. 
Time to start!   What the heck was that we saw on the DVR screen?  (DVR - Security cameras we have set up in various locations).  Wow...this is going to be an interesting night for sure.   We are super excited, curious and maybe a little apprehensive, but we set off on our first round of EVP sessions.  
We ended up doing many EVP sessions, and after a lot of us having minor personal experiences I know that I at least am excited to delve into the  40+ hours of audio, video and photo to review.  Good times indeed, but if we can find something to take back to the Client, then it will have been more than worth it.  The experience was once in a life time, and while it was hard emotionally, if we can do something good and bring something to the Client then it was more than worth it.  This is why we do what we do.  I wish I could share more about it all, but for now, must remain silent due to confidentiality agreements.
If/when we are able to share anything we might have found EVP/Photo/Video-wise, we will.  We are also hoping to get back up to that area again sooner rather than later for more investigations in Kamloops, but we are so busy for the next....many many months, so hopefully we can return to Kamloops for multiple investigations next summer. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful night, enjoy the full moon and a beautiful loving weekend.
Co-Founder/Case Manager

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