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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Awhile ago, NPI was given permission to investigate this wonderful historic building and the claims of activity there.
The night started out with dinner in the back area of the restaurant, an area that several psychics/sensitive's claim is home to a spiritual vortex. As you might have read around the internet, some of the experiences people claim to have had are that of a man dressed as a conductor who frequents the trolley car located in the restaurant (Info on trolley car here).  Another character to hangs about the restaurant, is a man small in stature with bright red hair who seems to be very mischievous.  This man likes to hang out in the woman's restroom and the kitchen. He will also call out staff members names while strolling about the restaurant.  There are some people who claim to have seen a young boy in the restaurant, including a staff member who encountered him in the back area of the restaurant, startling her so much, she had to leave.  Staff also report finding cutlery twisted and moved and chairs put on top of the tables in the same back area, and believe this is being done by the little boy.  At night, staff members often feel like they are being watched, by whom...we do not know.
NPI was only at this location for a short time, but in that time some members of our team experienced various odd unexplained feelings and occurrences. We'd like to share with you a couple EVP we did catch.  Grab your headphones (non noise-canceling), turn up the volume and enjoy (they are quite quiet.)
If you decide to visit the restaurant for dinner sometime, maybe you will get to have your own personal experience! 
 Thanks for reading!

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