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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday Night 96.9 JACK FM's Halloween Investigation

Jack FM's morning glory crew had a contest on, winner would receive an investigation with NPI and the morning crew.  So last night we headed into East Vancouver to a beautiful house built in 1957 and owned an amazingly wonderful generous couple.  Our hosts/clients were a special gem of a surprise, and we are lucky to have gotten a chance to meet them. The Jack FM crew were pretty amazingly awesome too, such a treat to have them with us for the night.
Once we had all arrived at the house, we got to talking about things paranormal, about activity that had happened in the house, personal experiences, and then we set to work doing a run through with our cameras and EMF meters, for photos and baseline readings. After we completed that, we headed downstairs for our first EVP Session. And WOW!
I have a stuffed puppy dog named Fluffy, who is actually an EMF trigger device. Fluffy was a hit!  I have rarely experienced such reactions from an EMF meter (and REM pod) while doing an EVP session, it was pretty neat and I am sure the crew from Jack FM were a little stunned at what happened.  Gosh I love Fluffy.  He is coming on ALL our investigations.  LOL 
Sadly, after that initial EVP session, things got VERY quiet and the rest of the night passed by very...dry, although we did have some wonderful ghostly conversations. Sometimes (or often) that is how it goes when investigating, but we still love it. Of course, just because it was quiet and felt quiet, doesn't mean we didn't pick up anything on audio or video or photo.  I'll post what I can once all video and audio is reviewed.  On that note...I am off to listen to some EVP sessions.
Happy Almost Halloween!
*Photos courtesy of Tara Jean from Jack FM

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