Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coast Capitol Playhouse - White Rock, BC Canada


Following are some EVPs we recorded while investigating the White Rock Players Club in White Rock BC. This location appeared on the show "Creepy Canada", 2002 Season 1, Episode 5.

Here is what Creepy Canada had to say about this location:

"White Rock Players Club has been situated in White Rock, BC for 100 years and is considered one of the most prestigious amateur theater companies in Canada. The theater itself is also known as a ghostly character. It is widely though that Frank Johnson, one of the club's founding fathers, haunts the building. Upon his death, he requested that his ashes be placed under the stage. Since last wishes were carried out, reports of a mysterious figure wandering the building have been common. Actors on stage claim to see his ghostly figure int he wings during performances or looking down on them from the rigging above during rehearsals. Other specters have also been sighted. A womanly figure will appear dressed in Victorian costume only to disappear right before their eyes. They have also been known to move objects or appear in the mirrors of the dressing rooms. Actors have reported frightening encounters of ghosts passing them on the stairwells leading to the prop and wardrobe areas. Seemingly, these phantoms refuse to take curtain calls."

Now, a few other bits and bites that are floating around about the theater:

The building was originally a Jehovas Witness Kingdom Hall that was converted into the theater and fitted with a stage in 1960. In 2006, extensive renovations were done, in which the stage, backstage, prop room and dressing room were left nearly untouched. According to various articles online, no one is really sure if the theater is still haunted, but just you talk to the staff there! Most of them have personal stories to tell. Other reports of activity include hearing a woman sighing in the rafters, and various unexplained noises throughout the theater during rehearsals.

Our team showed up to the investigation, and were accompanied by a few staff of the theater the whole night. The hospitality they showed was amazing, the kind you wish you had on every investigation. (Yes, they had coffee!) We started the night out in the main theater, and worked our way around the large building as the clock ticked late into the night. During this time, we heard many odd things, a lot which we couldn't explain. Occasionally we would see things too, it was pretty neat to be in a fairly active place! Oh one other thing, shout out to Holly for making some really yummy cookies, they were superb!

Anyways, I can't recall anything too crazy happening during the investigation, but the feelings in that building were warm and friendly. (Yes, I am one of THOSE "sensitive people".) I really hope we get a chance to investigation there again, it was an amazing time, and we did catch some great EVP's, which I will share with everyone below.

I could go more into detail about what else people experience there, but its mostly noises in the wings, up on the cat walk, light switch turning off and on, apparitions, etc. Not to mention, blogging is not my forte. So.....

Thanks again to everyone from Coast Capitol Playhouse, you were very gracious hosts and wonderful clients, and we look forward to working with you all again one day. I would also like to say thanks most of all to the NPI team!


Nikki Peterson

Co-Founder & Case Manager


Twitter: nikki_npi


EVP are coming soon :)


Travis said...

Hi Nikki,
Franklin Johnson was my grandfather and used to thrill us with ghost stories about the players club well before he passed. It's great to see articles like yours and shows like Creepy Canada (unfortunately have never been able to get a copy of the episode to keep though).....they sure help keep some of the memories alive. Thank you!

Nikki said...

Hi Travis,
Thanks for the comment. I am still trying to track down that episode too! If I find it, I will let you know!
That is wonderful to hear he thrilled you with ghost stories of the players club! It's special things like that, that make the bond of love so much more.

Spindrift said...

Hi Nikki,
Some intriguing and goosebump-inducing clips here. I'm very relieved to hear the ghosts have weathered the renovations with aplomb!
~ Spindrift

Nikki said...

Spindrift, glad you liked them. We just did another investigation here, as soon as we have gone over all the audio/video/photographs and get back to the theatre with anything we discovered, we will post. We will also be in White Rock on Oct. 27th at the Pumpkin Festival, set up in a booth if you care to come visit and chat about our investigation here.

Brad Todosyuk said...

hi i am brad i was a foster son of cassy's franklin's daughter..we lived next door to him and i worked as a dishwasher in the 5 corner cafe he Travis said he use to tell ghost stories all the time to use kids...The one i remember the most was about the house he lived was built by two crazy brothers over a indian chief's grave and that he would see him walking threw the house all the that house creeped me out...i loved hangin out talking to him...he was a great guy

Nikki said...

Hi Brad,
Thanks for sharing your story! That is neat you got to hear so many stories, something you can remember fondly forever. That is interesting about the house built by the brothers! Sounds creepy...I have experienced a lot of weird things, but I am not sure I would want to have an Indian Chief walking through my house all the time. Would be a little intimidating (lol)